Any advice??

Sorry to bother you all with this, but just wonder if anyone has advice for me.......

I am 10 weeks today, and still don't have very many symptoms. Sore boobies, and I was tired in the eveinigs ( not now ) and going to the loo more often, but that is it.

I was even so worried last week, as I didn't feel pregnant that I did another pregnancy test ( it was positive )

I still don't feel anything, except the odd slight twinge. Went to the docs last week, as I had pains in my side, he did an internal exam, and said everthing should be OK.

I know I sound paranoid, but have spent two years trying, and never having been pregnant before I don't know what to expect.

I know everyone is different, but my main worry, is my body has not changed at all.... I am 10 weeks, and have put no weight on ( admitidaly I have obviously stopped drinking, and am eating more healthier ) I have no bump, and no hard tummy - is there anyone out ther who felt the same as me at 10 weeks???

I have my first midwife on Wednesday, and my first scan isn't till 14th December.

Any advice anyone???


  • Hi

    i was exactly the same i hardly had any early pregnancy sypmtoms, no sickness etc nothing, just tired & sore boobs. I had an early scan too at 8 weeks & then nothing till next week when i finally get my long awaited 20 week scan. I only really feel pregnant because of the size of my bump - this is my 2nd child & from day 1 of finding out i was pregnant i have a very noticable bump, and now starting to feel the first movements. Its very hard as you feel as if you are waiting for something to convince you that you are actually pregnant. I would just say to enjoy it & be happy that you have got off lightly (this is what i did) the tiem will soon come round for your scan

    Sorry i cant be of more help but it does get more real in time x
  • Hi- my advice is try to relax- I was very uptight throughout my second pregnancy (for no real reason) and I do feel that this had a n affect on my baby (she was hard to settle etc.)

    I am currently 33 weeks and sometimes I feel BIG and mumsy and generally all things pregnant!!! But even with this huge bump there are times I am lying in bed and I don't feel AT ALL pregnant. I can't explain it. Just make the most of this special time.
  • Hey don't worry...I had a lot of morning sickness (no sore boobs though really...and no tiredness) but I still didn't 'feel pregnant' and my morning sickness was going by 10/11 weeks. That worried me a lot so much I was wishing to be sick (EH?!) But some women just don't get morning sickness and it doesn't mean they're going to miscarry.

    I am 18 weeks and have not put on a pound. I lost 9lbs in the first 10 weeks and have put on 2lbs so I'm still in the minus figures. My bump's quite big but it didn't appear until about 15 wks (and it literally appeared overnight! Flat stomach...and then...kaboom!)

    Dont be tempted to get ur mw to listen to the babys heart (I was!) cos liklihood is she won't find it. She tried with me at 10 weeks and nothing...I was a bit worried! But I have a doppler and it does take ages to find until about 16 weeks!

    X X X

  • Hewllo Mummyclynders,

    Try not to worry everybody is different. I'm 13+2 and apart from sore boobs, feeling nausea, need the loo more and the odd occasion of trapped wind (the latter only more recently) I have no other signs.

    You are only 10 weeks and according to the books they dont say you start showing on average until 12. My friend was fortunate not to show until about 18weeks.

    Im happy with not showing. Although I think its nice seeing the baby growing and having a bump. I'm personally making the most of it as I've spoken to people recently who are about 3-4weeks to go until their due date and they are fed up with the bump!!! I can see what you mean by wanting evidence that you are pregnant especially when you have been trying for two years. Try and relax, I can tell you, you really dont want to being feeling nausea or be vomitting!! /unless others no differently...of course. regards to the hard shouldnt have one unless you have a bump. You baby is probably like mine is, in the pelvis. Unless you push down on the area just above your pubic hair area (sorry for tmi!) you shouldnt feel anything hard...Does that make sense?

    I wish you well xxx
  • Oh thank you ladies for your kind words, It really does help reading your experiences.....

    I guess being the first one, I just have no idea what to expect. Also I am paranoid that my body just not have even changed in the slightest, not even a teeny bit.

    Oh I know I am probably being silly - woke up at 5 am ( to wee!! ) and then couldn't get back to sleep for worrying.

    Thanks BB for the advice about the hard stomach, suppose everyone is different, but reading reports that people have bumps at 7 weeks probably doesn't help me!! I should stop reading!!

    I have the M/W tomorrow - hubby coming with me bless him - so I think I'll talk to her as well.

    Thanks for your kind words of reassurance - you have no idea how much it has helped me :0)

    Sam xxx
  • I know what you mean about having to get up in ther morning. For me its about 3-4am! I normally stir other half as i fumble into bed. I just apologise and blame it on the pregnancy!

    If you have any advice from mw tomorrow let us know image

    Hope all is well otherwise, take care. xxx
  • Hi Sam, don't worry I only suffered from a kind of travel sickness during the first few weeks and that stopped at around 10 weeks. I actually lost over half a stone up until I reached 12 weeks when I finally started putting weight on! I'm only a size 8/10 anyway but the midwife assured me that it was very common to lose weight in early pregnancy as you may lose your appetite and as you say you aren't drinking alcohol or as much junk food as normal. I started to get a small bump from around 14 weeks but it wasn't noticeable to anyone else until I was about 18 weeks.
    Remember everyones body is different so try not to compare your bump to others. It all depends on how much fluid you are carrying, how baby is lying, and your body shape.

    The first 12 weeks are definately the hardest until you have your first scan it can be hard to believe you are actually pregnant!
    Try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can, I am 35+5 now and have reached the very uncomfortable stage where sleep is very difficult and I am making 3 trips to the loo a night!! Once you are a few more weeks down the line and you can start to see your bump and maybe even feel a few wriggles you should feel much better, and it will all seem much more real.

    Hope your MW is nice and puts your mind at rest.

    Take care

    Liz x
  • trust me mummyclyders i have pretty much every symptom going lol and it aint nice and it don't make you feel pregnant either more like a hypochondriac! i have sore boobs (gone from an dd/e - an F!) i have nausea, tiredness, aches and pains, bowel issues, broken sleep, bad circulation in my hands and feet, hormonal outbursts and emotional break downs the biggest problem is i'm officially 8+6 today! i've suffered pretty much since day 1 i think lol i have abdo pains too lol. my poor OH thinks i need psychiatric help lol bless him
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