Help wanted pretty please :o

I am writing an article for a newsletter and am aiming for embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that perhaps don't get mentioned often by the m/w or gp.

I have 3 kids myself but need more examples. If you have suffered or are suffering with something a little different, please list it below or email me [email protected] (no spam please).

Thanks everyone

L xx :lol:


  • The worst symptoms i ever had were vulval varicosities (even sounds gross, lol). I never had them with my first baby, got them with my 2nd at about 30 weeks, and with my third, who was born 6 weeks ago, i got them at about 15 weeks. They are extremely painful at times and the most disgusting things to look at, i even couldn't stand to have my husband touch me let alone look 'down there'.

    How's that for embarrassing, lol.

  • what is that i have noticed a swelling on one side of my vagina think it might be cos of the weight im carrying x
  • the cramping pains like PMS style cramps! we all panicked when we had them but its normal and we dont get told about them! also we don't get told that you can develop a bump pretty much as soon as your pregnant! my friend was showing from 4-5 weeks lol we didn't expect that!

  • I am currently on bed rest while my very attractive perinium haematoma heals....which is basically the vein on my perinium has massively swollen and has a blood clot in it...


    also I was shocked after I had my first lo at how sore my bits one warns you that after giving birth you become a member of the sore fanny brigade for a good few weeks, I even had to pee in the shower for the first few weeks due to the pain...
  • I think ichy nipples and major horniness are the two most embaressing symtoms ov pregnancy i had. Oh and also wen i got really big and was unable to keep my lady garden trim coz i cudnt see it, my OH lent a helping hand. That was funny but embaressing, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • or how painful they can get (nipples!!!!) i mean OMG!!! if mine got any more sensitive i'd be in tears they are sooo painful and its not like that alll the time i forget most of the time then for some reason OUCH!!!
    maybe add in there about SPD it groinal pain which can be diagnosed early and treated lol
    leaky nipples at week 5!
    ermm need i keep going hahaha not had much luck in this pregnancy hahahaha
  • this great ladies, keep em coming!

    L xx
  • I admit the keeping trim part. My bf has to do me as well. As I cant see over my bump at all. I also agree with Crochetmum. I started showing as well. Everything was so much tighter!!!!!

    And itchy nipples. And my vagine itches alot sometimes too. I use baby oil on my itchy bits though. And the horniness I agree with as well. And in the beginning i was scared to say I was bleeding after sex just incase they said I have really hard sex or something.
  • how about thrush and unlimited supplies of utis hahaha and then you have the excessive sweating and over sensitive nose the usual aches and pains you DO NOT get warned about like tummy cramps and tummy tightness (where skin stretching across baby), etc.... lmfao walking encyclepedia here hahaha my mate has the tummy tightness and its really uncomfortable she's in so much discomfort she can't seem to releive it...... erm thats all i can think of at the moment lvoe this hahaha makes for more focus on getting the bad things out and maybe scare teen off becoming moms so young mwhahahaa.
  • But I bet the teens are the ones that get it so easy!!!! Its the ones thats always wanted it that has the most trouble.
  • lol shows how much i want it then lmao
    apparently accordin to the family 'this is the worst pregnancy they have ever known' LMAO shows what happens when you relly want a pregnancy
  • A permantly swollen clitorus. Has really put me off sex because it's swollen all the time. Kinda like a permant erection, sounds good, byt really, really not.
  • Tashy1 I'd like to point out that I indeed am a teenager and wanted this baby more than anything in the world, we tried for 11 months before finally getting pregnant. I am highly offended by your comment!
    I have severe arthritis in my back which is only worsened by pregnancy, I get more than my fair share of UTI's and constipation and itchier bits than could be imagined. Just because I happen to be younger than some, doesn't mean I suffer any less!
    Maybe you should think before writing something so demeaning again in future!
  • what about the really stinky farts? i hate it and cant do anything - apparerntly its cos digestive system has slowed down. is very embarassing!
  • im with u angelbabe with the bottom burps! i can suddenly clear a room in seconds,lol
    and my diet hasnt changed, def a v embarrassing bit of being preggers xx
  • miss natasha you are not what we woulsd class as a teen! a teen is like my sil's 1st pregnancy she fell at 13 yrs old and had her first at 14!!! Tashy did not mean to offensd you its just seems that the younger (as in TEEN moms as in ppl under the age of 18!) moms seem to have more help and support than us older moms! this is my 1st but i've seen more adds for teen moms than for anything ele!
  • i agree about bottom burps but what about brain burps! my forgetfulness or forgetting what i was in midst of saying is very embarassing lol
  • They need more help and support - you can't just leave them for heaven's sake!! Imagine what state the country would be in if we just disregarded teen mums and imagine how badly off their kids would be too. Older parents have lived longer and therefore have more experience about life and might have a better idea of how to bring up a child than a teen - which is why they need more help.
  • im 19, and the embarrassing thing about being pregnant for me, it trying to look in anyway stylish while i seem to be gainiing weight and no infront area either. All i can wear is baggy maternity tops that make melook more fat than pregnant as im only 16 weeks at the mo, i hope i dont ofend anyone, but you know how this tereotypical thing exists where like older mums have three children and never look after themselves? well thats how i feel. when im walking down the street i feel like im thirty yr old mum with six kids hiding somewhere, that has just completely let themselves go. when i see mums or pregnant people they all look so glowing etc and i feel so rotten and fat and frumpy.

    sorry to go on. lol sarah
  • awh bless ya sarah, i'm sure you don't look like that, people will think the same about you too i'm sure. people tell me i'm glowing but really can't see it, just feel like fat frump at mo with big round face - lol. Can't wait for bump to get bigger so it will then be obvious to people that i'm pregnant as opposed to just fat.
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