Blood pressure - should i worry?

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  • Hi,

    I've been to see my midwife today and everything's fine with the baby although I'm huge for my dates still. The midwife got really worried when she took my blood pressure - each time she did it it was 150/65. I'm usually normal so it is quite high. Should i worry though? What is high for pregnancy?

    She gave me no advice and I'm not due to see her for another 4 weeks now. She has been really useless in the past so I don't trust her - anyone else had blood pressure that high?

  • How far gone are you?? Blood pressure can be difficult as it all depends on whats normal for you. However if its very different from your normal blood pressure then i would make an appointment to see the doc. I had high blood pressure and had to go to surgery every 2 days to have it checked. If you feel faint or have bright lights flashing in your eyes see someone immediatly as could be sign of pre-eclampsia. I would go to docs and ask for urine test as this can show if you have protein in your urine which is another sign. not meaning to worry you but high blood pressure is something which shouldnt be ignored (however the fact that it is over 65 is a good sign as 65 is normal and its that number that really is cause for concern.) sorry to hear your m/w is so crap tho xxDBxx

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  • Hi,

    Sorry forgot to say I am 24+3 and my urine was checked today by the midwifes assistant and she said it was fine but I'm not sure if they checked it for protein or not.

  • They always check urine for sugar and protein hun, so I'm sure yours was fine if they said so.

    It is the bottom figure that is important and that should be around 60-80 so yours is fine. The top figure's normal range is 100-130 but it is not as important if u get what I mean, my midwife said if the top figure is high but bottom figure normal (like yours) then it is usually an indication of stress or 'white coat syndrome', rather than a serious problem.

    My BP was up at 16 weeks and a bit last week, but I have been told not to worry. Some people like me lol just have weird blood pressure, one minute it is sky high, the next it is dead low. Just one of those things & I'm sure if u needed to worry ur mw would have said
    Philippa 26+3 xxx
  • Hi, I have low BP! and harry the bump has high BP! they have said to me just go steedy I know this doesnt help you but I thought I would share it.
  • The last time I had my blood pressure taken was wen i had my booking in and it was 175/85, but my is always slightly raised n if this preg is anything like last one ill spend the last two months of pregnancy going for regular bp check-ups coz bp is through the roof. Kerry xxx

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