When did you feel your baby move for the first time?

I am 19 weeks pregnant and sometimes i think i feel something and other times i put it down to my own body.

Sometimes when i do feel something - it can hurt too - is that normal?

Please tell me what the feelings feel like, so i have a better chance of identifying them




  • It sounds like your feeling it move to me My movements were very subtle to start off with and are now quite strong and painfull sometimes.
  • I had a bubbling sensation from about 16 weeks however movements weren't strong until i was about 20 weeks when i could feel them when my hand was on my stomach.

    They started to become more regular from then on and from 26 weeks baby seemed to be kicking all day!!

    I'm now 33+5 and baby moves all the time which is amazing to watch! x
  • I was almost 20 weeks. The only way I can describe it is like an involuntary twitch in your stomach, sometimes it can make you jump! I know how u feel cos I kept thinking I'd felt it but when I defo did it was unmistakeable, it didn't feel like a flutter like people said it would.

  • I felt a first flutter at 14 weeks then again at 16 and had movement every day from 18 weeks. Everyone's different and at first its hard to tell whats what.
  • i felt first flutter at about 14 weeks i think?? hthen i remember i felt first movements with hand pressed down on xmas eve last year was ages before hubby felt it though! its so so special and make the most of it as when lo is born you do miss the feeling! xxx
  • I thought i had felt it move for the first time at about 12 weeks ( just a flutter) but then i did not feel anything else definite till about 19 weeks I did not feel it regularly every day till about 23 weeks seemed to be awake all day by 25 weeks and seemed to slow down again at 27 weeks i am now 34+2 and definately have very active days and some days where i hradly feel it at all.
  • I was about 20 weeks. It wasn't like "flutters" for me. It felt more like wind! Then it felt like a small earthworm wriggling ever so slightly in my stomach after a few days. To be honest, I found it very weird at fist and not "lovely" like everyone described! But the proper movements and kicks that came later are really cool. I smile and laugh all the time now when I get beaten up from the inside.

    Not sure about the pain - perhaps the bubba is pressing against certain muscles or just growing rapidly? Can you ring your mw and check?

    J x
  • I got my first kick at 17 weeks - and it hasn't stopped since!! First flutter at about 13 weeks.

    Sarah (21 + 5)
  • I felt mine about 16/17 weeks just a fluttering then it has become a light tugging feeling. I usually get it after i've eaten when relaxing x
  • hi im 20 weeks and as this is my second ive been feeling it since about 13/14 weeks which i think is quite early. to me it still feels more like wobbles rather than kicks.then once the baby is bigger you can feel definite kicks and pushes where you can tell if its a hand/foot etc, imagine the baby pushing out with their hand/foot and thats what it feels like later on
  • Hi I am about 12 weeks with my third child and I have felt movements like twitching. At night it happens more and after eating chocolate!! lol
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