Am I out of order??

Hi Ladies

So in short, my OH is going on a stag do as of tomorrow until Sunday, it is the first weekend we have spent apart since we have been together and I am dreading it. Feeling really low and emotional today and dont want to be alone tonight (OH usually comes over on a Wednesday) Its his brothers stag do and his brother is arriving at his folks house tonight and going over to OH's for a beer (because obviously they are not going to drink enough on a 4 day stag weekend). My house mate is away tonight (Moving in with OH in the next month) and I am just feeling really down. Just had a go at my OH for being inconsiderate and not thinking that maybe he should spend tonight with me given I am probably not going to see him for a I being totally out of order?? Can't believe I am crying over this but I am really upset that he doesn't want to spend time with me.

bl**dy hormones!!!


  • Hormones have a lot to answer for don't they?!
    I don't think you're out of order - perhaps over-reacting a bit though!
    If his brother is getting married, it's a big deal and I'm sure tonight is the start of the stag do! Men really know how to drag an occasion out don't they?!
    Enjoy the peace and quiet, if you're moving in with him in a month, you'll be spending all time you'll want with him soon!!
  • Aww, no you're not out of order - you can't help the way you feel - but I do think you're being a little unreasonable, especially if he normally spends so much time with you. Leave him to do his boy thing and let the nice ladies on here keep you company image Hope you feel better soon - just think how much he'll be missing you by the time he gets back (and think how many brownie points you'll get for giving him your blessing to go).
  • Oh hun it is completely normal to be overemotional - damn those hormones! I started crying in the car at a song on the radio today! It is hard but it is only 4 days and he'll appreciate you being supportive of him - it is for his brother after all and it means alot to these men. Besides in a month or 2 when you're living with him you'd wish he'd go away for a few days!!! I've been with my OH for 8 years now and would love some peace from him for a few days! It will all work out hun, try not to worry to much - of course he wants to spend time with you too. Try to make some plans for while he's away so you've got stuff to look forward to and keep you busy. I'm sure the time will fly!

    Amy. x
  • Sorry I think you ladies might have misunderstood, my fault as I am not good at explaining myself when emotional.

    I have no issuses with him going on the stag do, its his brother and he is best man, I would be an ogre if I objected. I am just upset that he didn't offer to spend time with me tonight, I may not even have accepted but the offer would have just been nice is all. We actually don't get to spend a whole lot of time together as we both work long hours and generally only see each other twice a week and at weekend.

    I am just feeling low and it just would have been nice to have him show he cared by offering to come and see me tonight!

    Sorry I know I am being pathetic but just massively emotional right now! image
  • Dont feel as though you are being pathetic babe, I can understand what you are saying.

    I think some men just dont realise what they are doing until its pointed out to them, infact not only men, woman too. I always have to remind my hubby that I am here and need his attention too.

    Hope you are feeling better about it all soon, he'll make it up to you when he comes back.

  • Bless ya! He is a man as the others point out!! He doesn't think you need him - which is a compliment - sort of! And why would he offer if he expected you to say no?! Men (generally) forget that these things matter, especially when pregnant with their child and feeling less attractive than before and needing to feel wanted......oh dear, now i'm winding myself up!!! lol! What are you doing with your time tonight instead - please don't say cleaning!!!
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