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help. I'm getting that black hairy line down my belly - yuk! Lucky it is coming on to colder weather and i'm not going to be showing off my belly. If i wax/shave it, will it come back darker?? I feel like a gorilla. Keep my boyfriend company, he's so hairy i sometimes think he IS a gorilla! lol



  • Is that you clairelindley??! lol! I'd keep the extra hair if I were you as it's beginning to get colder now so you'll need that extra insulation! It'll go once you've had your baby. Mine did first time round, and this time I'm pretty much extra-hair-free! D xx
  • Yes, it is me, changed my name coz didn't like it so long. thanks Daisy.
  • Hiya, I've got the same line, I have asked everyone about it and been promised it will fade after the birth! Not sure if it would come back darker if you waxed it.
  • hello there girls...ive got that black hair line lol but i made the mistake of shavin it wen it first arrived lol
    my partner n my mam was takin the mick out of laughin n stuff but oh well at the end of it summat beautiful will cme out init....anyways how r u all
  • Yeah ive got hairy belly but mines is like a circle round my belly button, realy anoying and not realy nice to look at lol, hopefully it will go image
  • I've always had a wee caterpillar hairy line on my lower tum...but I started plucking it..(I know it sounds painful, but its not) eventually, like waxing, the hair comes in thinkker and finer and then the moment tho...can't really get to me hairy bits, so back to a wee hairy caterpillar crawling up towards my belly button!!! :lol::lol:

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  • lol! oh well i thnk i will leave it then.
    x Claire
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