moses basket

can someone let me know if you can get special sheets for a moses basket or if I should just buy sheets for a cot. If you are supposed to use special sheets can anyone let me know where to find them.


  • moses baskets do get fitted sheets for them ask in the shop which ones. cot sheets can be used but do not fit as well image hope its some help image have a moses basket myself. image
  • u can buy moses crib sheets from babies r us, there also called pram sheets x
  • if i remember they are called bassinette sheets also from places like mother care or other shops that sell it like Smyths, etc...
  • I just used pillow covers, for all the length of time LO will sleep in the basket I didn't see the point in buying special sheets. She went through a stage of projectile vomiting after feeds too, so I would have needed to buy loads of sheets to keep up with her!
  • I bought moses basket fitted sheets from Babies r Us and Matalan. They are also called pram fitted sheets.

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