Advice needed please on cold water sterilisers

I have bought a basic cold water steriliser and i notice it says that you don't need to rinse the bottles etc once you take them out of the steriliser (i'll be using milton tablets). My hubby reckons that as its chemicals that it would be best to rinse after taking them out. What do you reckon? and if you use cold water method do you rinse afterwards? I take it if you do you would have to rinse in cool boiled water as rinsing under the tap would defeat the purpose of sterilising the bottles etc would it not?

Sorry, as you can see its my first baby and i haven't got a clue!!!!! Any advice/ help would be appreciated!! :\)

Suzi 35+1 xxx


  • i assume that by rinsing off a sterilised bottle that u r then de sterilising it. as far as i'm aware once u've sterilized there is no need to rinse as this wld be putting bugs back onto it.

  • ive always rinsed them just to be on the safe side with fresh boiled water even with the milton cos u cant guarantee that not doing it is safe xxgod i love the smell of milton xx
  • Hi

    I used Milton tabs and dunked stuff in boiled water after as I could smell the chemicals - although I called the milton care line and they said there would be no harm to the baby if not rinsed. Sometimes I just rinsed the teats as this was what wa going in her mouth ( i've never been one for cosistency!)

    If you just leave the bottles in for 15mins its not too bad; the chemical smell gets stroonger the longer you leave it standing

  • Thanks for your advice ladies :\)

    Suzi 35+2 xxx
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