*tiptoes into room nervously* Hi everyone!

Ok, I am finally allowing myself in here... Finally got my BFP yesterday after 6 months which felt like 6 years, never thought it would happen, and didn't know how to react when I saw the lines. image

Have now tested with 4 different brands and so it looks like I'm pregnant, and I really want to try and enjoy it while it lasts rather than stress completely like I was yesterday.

I don't really have any symptoms - was anyone else like this at 14 dpo? I would quite like to feel something, so it could feel more real! Have felt bloated but boobs don't feel sore and don't feel sick yet, apart from when I'm hungry. Is this normal?

Anyway, it's amazing to be in this part of the forum with lots of familiar names from TTC :\) xxx


  • Hi coco! I am always over on TTC as i love hearing about BFP's lol, and was so pleased for you when you got yours!
    Yes its normal to not have any symptoms this early on. I had very bad morning sickness from 4 weeks, but thats unusual, apparently for most women symptoms kick in at around week 6. You might be one of the lucky ones and not get any at all!
    Welcome over anyway, i'm sure you'll love it here! xx
  • Hi coco! I jump abround from here to August to TTC i like to see what everyone is up to.

    I dint have any symptoms at all until about 4-5 weeks now my boobs kill and i feel sick. The weiredest thing for me is i can really fancy something to eat so i go and make it then i cant evene look at it lol. xxxx You will get yours in good time! xx
  • Thanks girls - I'm sure once the sickness kicks in I'll be regretting my words...
  • Hi flower, congrats on your BFP, that's lovely news! I started to get symptoms at about 6 weeks, sore boobs, very tired and dizzy and sometimes queasy. but no actual sickness, though I do a lot of burping! To be honest I am desperate for a good chunder just to prove all is ok!! Take care and enjoy your BFP! xx
  • Hi Coco! Don't be nervous,we're nice!! Congrats on your BFP,hoping to see more of you on this forum. I got mine after 6 months too!

  • hi coco congrats on the positive test!! Quick qu: were you on the YYW forum??

    25 weeks

  • Me again! My symptoms with Rhys started early honey, but with this one I didn't really get any until 6/7 weeks! xx
  • Hi Coco

    I decided to emerge from the ttc forum a bit today too.

    I have had slightly tender boobs and some cramps and wee funny pains but that's about it, I'm 15dpo today.

    We'd better not wish any more on ourselves!
  • hi and welcome.

    congratulations on your pregnancy!! xxx
  • Yep I am Mrs Coco25 from YAYW - nice to see lots of name from there here! x
  • Hi Coco ! Congrats ! I didn't have many symptoms either, no sickess, I have been very lucky to have none at all, only full, heavy boobs.
    Wishing you a great pregnancy

    17 weeks tommorrow
  • thought i recognised the name (and SATC pic) congrats and good luck with everything!

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