spotting at 9 weeks and no midwife...

hi all..

Have had really bad period type pains for about 4 days now..nearly went to the doc friday but after reading alot about pain just put it down to the uterus stretching and me being a very over cautious first time mum to be!

However this evening when i went toilet there has been blod when i wipe. Its sort of streaky and mixed in with clear discharge (sorry if tmi!) I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and am so scared this is it and I'm misscarrying. Its not much blood and know its common to bleed in early pregnancy, but with all the pain i can't help fearing the worst and can't stop crying.

I don't have a midwife as she left the day of my first appointment so gave me no information or advice at all and the new one dosn't start for 3 weeks. Should i go to the docs tomorrow or ring the 24 hour labour ward (the only number i've given) to try to get a scan booked in tomorrow? I don't know what to do and have a feeling its going to be a long night...Any advice of what to do would be appreciated. Thanks. xxxx


  • Hi there, sorry to hear about your distress. Spotting can be common in early pregnancy and period pains are very common. I once had slight streakage(!) after having sex in the early days. However, for peace of mind you would be best to call a number, even if its nhs 24. We have a special pregnancy triage unit for emergencies here, so even call A&E and see what they advise. That probably doesn't put your mind at ease, bear in mind its prob nothing to worry about but best to check. Hope everything goes ok x
  • I had constant spotting from about 5-9 weeks and then another episode at 11 weeks. I didn't see my midwife until 10 weeks so because it wasn't much blood, I called NHS direct and asked them and they said if there's no serious pain and the bleeding eases off then just call ur GP in the morning. So I did that and GP said it sounded normal but when it happened again my GP booked me in for a scan at 6 weeks. I then had another scan at 9 weeks cos the blood had turned heavy but turned out everything was fine. Good luck and *try* not to panic though believe me I know how hard it is! I'm 24 weeks tomorrow so it can work out x x x
  • hi i would def try and get seen by someone just for your own piece of mind. My story is dif from yours i miscarried but didn't find out till 12 wk scan and that was the worst thing! i didn't bleed at all so im not saying same will happen and not trying to scare you its just that the longer you wait to find out the worse it is. Wishing you lots of luck x
  • thanks for all your replies..the bleeding stopped last night but i have a doctors appointment this morning at 10am just to see what he says and hopefully refer me for a scan to out my mind at rest a bit. Was a pretty sleepless night and am very nervous about the day ahead but have woken up feeling VERY sick this morning which although is horrible is also slightly reassuring (although its probably the worry making me feel it!) will keep you all posted..hoping and praying my prawn will stick.xxxx
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