another bleed at 13 weeks :-(

hi girls

iv just had another bleed...just a pink streak when i wiped after gonig to the loo, had similar at 7 weeks then 7+1 then 8 weeks, but nothing since. had my 12 week scan last weds and baby was perfect. should i be worried?

ashy 13+1


  • Hi Ashy

    I had two at 4.5 weeks and then some spotting at 9.5 weeks...all scans showed everything was fine. If your 12 scan showed everything was fine i wouldnt worry - so much harder to do than say!

    I went to A&E the second time as i was worried - you can always do that! I had to wait around for 3/4 hours though!

    If you have no pain hunny thats a great sign!


    Kittyboo 18 +2
  • Oh hun it is so worrying, I had one at 11+2 and it scared the life out of me, but baby was fine, she told me that the placenta has a big growth sprut between 9-13 weeks and it can tear on the sides slightly.....(but she said only a theory and they dont really know where it from)

    Have you BD recently?

    I would call your midwife and ask for thier advice...........

    are you in any pain?

    I think it will be fine xxx
  • try and not worry,i had a bleed at 7wks and one at 13wks also passed clots but everything turned out ok

  • Hi. Perhaps think about phoning epu in the norm if ur worried. I've had a few bleeds but the one i had at 13+2was due to a small tear in the placenta. All was ok though.i'm sure all is ok sweet. Lisa 18+4
  • thanks for your replies, i havnt had any pain (apart from my normal tummy achy feeling/bloating). we BD on sunday for the first time since our BFP...could that have somthing to do with it? i havnt had any more bleeding since earlier....maybe i should just call my midwife/GP in the morning just to be on the safe side?

    ashy xx
  • yes it could have disturbed the cervix hun and is quite common after sex to bleed during pregnancy after sex. hope you ok xx
  • Hi I had this at about 16 weeks. I was told although not normal, its not unusual. It could be placenta praveria, cerrvical erosion or other things like implantation. My GP recommended bed rest for a couple of days, which with a toddler is really difficult. (and by bed rest he literarly meant lying in bed only getting up to go for a wee) It stopped, but he advised me that if at any point it got heavier or I had any other symptoms I was to go straight to A&E.

    Hope thats a help?

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