Happy Easter to every one

Happy Easter to everyone, what a great day to seat and eat sweets and choc and not feel guilty lol
I am going to veg out eat sweets and watch dvds all day as my mum is ahving my 2 for the day.
what is everybody else doing this easter sunday?
vikki xx


  • Errrrrrrrrr, watching the snow!!!!!!! lol

    Feel like I shud say 'Happy Xmas' not 'Happy Easter'!!!!!!
  • im getting packed up for hospital as ive had 2 failed inductions and for c section in the morning. so will finally get to meet my little one at 15 days overdue. Enjoy your chocolate
  • Happy eater all. I'm just having choc and biscuits and trying not to trip over things. Good luck Gems008! How exciting!

  • lol, i meant easter not "eater". Although, it is the perfect excuse for eating. Damn pregnancy brain.

  • Good luck gem008,Well i have eaten loads of choc now i feel sick so serves me right lol
    vikki xx
  • Hubby's at work so am home alone and he didn't get me an Easter egg! But he's promised to take me out tomorrow so we can do something nice together...hope it stops snowing.
  • happy easter every1 well whats left ov it! lol now its time 4 sum me time kids are asleep yippee!!
    Take care hope u r all keeping well.
    Adele xxx
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