advise i think??

right well im 14 weeks preg and im just worried some days i feel me bein pregnant is too good to be true then some days i panic and think wat if i lose my baby?? i know im bein silly i know im ment to be happy but i have different feelings all the time? i think its cos ive not got any symptoms which is great 1 way but wen i did have them it sorta remindid me i was pregnant. any advise on this would be very much appreciated!!!

bec x x


  • yeh i felt like that too hun,but i started gettin other pregnancy symtoms around 16 weeks with really bad heartburn that still there all the time now! and trust me when you feel your lo kick and move it hits you that you ARE pregnant,well it did me anyway!
    ilovee being pregnant! xxx
  • The worry will never stop and I'm sure we all have the same ones. My current is 'what if people think I'm just a bit fat, not pregnant?' It doesn't feel real cos it's my first but I know there is a baby in there cos I can hear the hb. Hubby and I went to mothercare today and didn't buy anything cos I keep thinking maybe I'm imagining it and there is no baby!! I HAVE felt pregnant cos I've been very ill and believe me, I'd rather have no symptoms!! Don't wish for them, you don't want them. x
  • i had them real bad from 4 weeks until i was 12 weeks so i know how bad symptoms are but it sounds really silly that i want them back
  • hey bec its totally normal to think like that anxiety seems to rear its ugly head big time in pregnancy, im 30wks now with my first and cant think of a night i aint hit the pillow and started to stress with all the what ifs and what might be's. Im a top stresser too!
  • I agree - your anxieties are normal I'm sure. I'm 15+1 - first pregnancy - I had very strong symptoms from very early on - sore boobs, horrid sickness, metalic tastes, fatigue, etc but they have all got so much better during the last fortnight that I'm now waiting for the time to come when I can feel my baby moving because although the symptoms were horrid they were also reassuring. At the moment my main reassurance is my rapidly enlarging bump!
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