Rash on inner thighs?????

Please can anyone help me

Over the last few days I have got seriously dry skin on my inner thighs. Today I have came out in a bright red rash which is so sore to touch its got so bad I have had to put on a skirt as my trousers were rubbing on it and causing even more irritation. It reminds me of eczema but then its not itchy just so sore. I have tried sudo cream it just makes it even more dry.

Has anyone experienced this got any advise on what might help to soothe it?

I have tried to get a doctors appointment but cant get in til friday

any help will be appreciated.

Ladies x


  • It sounds similar to what I've got and my Doctor thinks its mild eczema - she prescribed me "Dermol 500" cream and it works really well.
    A nice body oil is also good if you can get hubby to massage your legs!!!
    Mine gets worse when I am very cold or after I have had a fairly hot shower.

    Mine is def. not sore to the touch, but when it first developed it was.

    Try and get some cream from your Doctor - its ??12 to buy so you could do that, but you'll get it free on prescription!

    Good luck and hope it helps a bit xxx
  • I have felt really cold today weathers not too good here and it got really angry last night when I went in the bath.

    I have got some body oil so will try that then I will try and get some cream from the doctor on friday might aswell try to wait as I get free prescriptions.

    Thank you for you kind advice. Its so nice to know someone else has experiened this and can give me some idea of how to help soothe it.

    Thank you xx

    Hope everything is going well for you

    Gem 33+3
  • You could try aqueous cream - it's fairly cheap over the counter and you can slap on as much as you like. I have dry skin and some sort of rash over most of my body (not painful but very itchy in my case) and I do find this cream helps. A huge 500ml pot is only ??4.99 from Boots. I hope the docs can help, hun!

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