Im fully engaged yipee!

Hi ladies just thought id share the only bit of good news ive had in a while had midwife today and baby is fully engaged so could happen any time yipee, i have also been given a date for a sweep 2 weeks today the 25th if nothing has happened which is also when im only 39+3 which is even better i had to do some real moaning for it but they finally took pity on me lol well thought id just share my good news with you all hope your all ok big smiles Sophie 37+3 xx


  • lol - well done!!
    yey - ur gonna meet ur baby soon!!
  • HI Sophie really pleased for you! Not long to go now!!!
    Tammi xxx
    31 weeks today!
  • Thats brilliant news Sophie!!!

    Are you in a last minute panic yet lol?

    Love Lee
  • great news hun xxx i want this baby in for another week then im ready to have her. im really sore and uncomfortable now
  • Wow thats great news! I think my baby has fully engaged, was 3/5 at last check up but I think hes gone further, find out on monday.

    Seeing as this is ur 2nd baby, its a good sign things could be happening! image

    My midwife won't do a sweep until 8 days over due! Still it is said to work better the more overdue u are xxx

  • my mw sed 3/5ths was engaged do u think this is true?im currently 39+2 baby has been 3/5ths for bout month now but still no sign and i have'nt had a show yet image

    abbie n bluebump 39+2
  • Hi ladies thanks for your replies oldermum69 ive been in the last minute panic for weeks now lol nothing ever seems ready lol. Tigerlily i was supposed to be waiting till 8 days over for my sweep as that was when my appointment with consultant was arranged for but i managed to get the midwifes to take pity on me lol and she has promised i can have one at my last appointment with her at the doctors surgery then if nothing has still happened by 8 days over i can have another at my consultant apt at hospital have a real moan about how uncomfortable u r and they may take pity i dont know how things work where your from but you get induced at 12 days over where i am so there aint much point waiting till 8 days over. mum2babyhope i had a show about a month ago or so and when i went 2 weeks ago i was 3/5ths then on friday they said fully engaged so im not sure its the same thing unless different midwifes just explain it in different ways lol i did go 12 days over with my last LO so i could still be late im just happy as she is engaged so i think it might be easier (well thats what im hoping) lol my first LO only engaged when i was on the theatre table having a spinal block put in after 22hrs in labour she really didnt want to come out lol good luck for u Sophie 37+5 xx

  • wow thats great,hope this little 1 dosent go overdue like my 1st n gets thinking bout engaging in the nxt few weeks!lol hanna 34 weeks xx
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