Lack of Feeling Pregnant

Hi Girls,
This is probably gona sound like a really strange post but im almost 31wks and appart from the huge football stuck up my top and breathlessness i am lacking in any sort of pregnancy gripes. Dnt get me wrong im not complaining in the slightest, but my back ache has gone, i have no swelling anywhere, im not particularly uncomfortable and iv bin sleeping like a baby at night. This strikes me as really odd coz wen i was the same gestation in my last pregnancy i was suffering with all the ailments related to pregnancy. Sorry if anyone who is reading this is suffering from these things, but i dnt know whether i shud be worried or not about this total lack of "pregnancy-ness". Wat do u think? Kerry xxx


  • hi kerry, i have to just say that with my first pg, i felt vile. backache, rib pain, trouble sleeping, odd cramps and pains, sciatica, indigestion etc all the time. this time, i get a bit of rib pain when i sit down too long (like at desk at work) and occasional backache if i walk around too much but on the whole, i feel pretty good! I think i look alright as well actually - was fat spotty greasy mess last time but look ok this time. I sleep just fine, sometimes lil bit uncomfortable but can't complain too much! mw seems to think everything is fine and bump is normal size. i'm not going to worry about it, just thankful that i'm lucky enough to not be going through some of the nastier problems of pregnancy!!! may not be feeling the same in coming weeks tho!!!
    hope you continue to feel well
    Claudia 33+2
  • i have had nothing so far but i'm only 22+4 hope it stays that way!!! xx
  • Hi Kerry
    Sorry to hear you feel this way but may I be totally blunt?

    Why are you associating feeling pregnant with negative feelings? And pain? You're very lucky not to have any of the usual gripes this time round, maybe you should just try and enjoy this magical time, with your baby kicking around inside you!

    During my pregnancy I never really felt pregnant, either. Even though I had an enormous bump etc it never felt real, like I'd just eaten too many donuts or something!
    May sound a bit hippy-ish but maybe if you get a minute to yourself sit and just think about the baby growing inside you, and might be able to feel more real and positive about it!
    Really hope this helps!
  • I agree with anatoriac! Feeling pregnant doesn't always mean feeling ill!

    I am the same as you...Apart from a bit of heartburn and a few minor niggles I have been grand. I have been sleeping well too, although getting up once to go to the loo. I never had sickness past 10 weeks either. I'm feeling quite well & still exercising and so on.

    The only bad thing about feeling good is I've become in denial that I'm ever going to have this baby because I feel so bloody "normal". I'm almost crying out for some PAIN now!

  • Dnt get me wrong i dnt feel negative about my pregnancy i love been pregnant, but as this is my second baby i have something to compare it too, and its totally different this time round. As my first post said im defo not complaining about not having any of these "gripes" it just strikes me as odd, and i was interested to hear if anyone else has been experiencing anything similar. Kerry xxx

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