Nipples leaking

Im only 18weeks pregnant but my nipples have already started leaking abit. is this normal?


  • Yep, it's perfectly normal. It's just colostrum, or early milk. It's recently happened to me and I am now 22+1. It never happened when I was pregnant with my 10 month old daughter though, it's funny how every pregnancy is different!
  • Yep. Happened to me about this time too! Bit of a shock at the time as i wasn't expecting it..... niether was hubbie!!! lol
  • I had two occasions when I noticed it quite early on, quite a shock but totally normal I think!!!
  • It happened to me at about 19 weeks and I was completely shocked and horrified as no one had ever warned me about it! Dont worry, it is normal!



  • Thank god! i have had this too but i thought it was too early!

    18+4 x
  • I had this with my little girl, started at 18 weeks and lasted right through until the milk dried up a few weeks after she was born.

    I hated wearing these breast pads too but its that or walk around with 2 lovely wet patches at your (.)(.), I choose the pads grrr.

    Hopefully it will stay away this time

  • It happened to me the other day for the first time! I'm 24 weeks and it was a big shock!!!

    I was secretly quite pleased though as at least my boobs are getting ready to do their job!!! LOL

  • It seems there are a few of us who are early leakers lol!!! I started leaking at 14 weeks - nice.
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