Anyone have the Phil and Ted's with cocoon?

Hi ladies!
We're looking at P&T's at the mo as I have DS who will be 15 months when baby number 2 arrives. I didn't like the idea of baby facing away, but it says on a few sites that if you hvae the cocoon LO can be facing you. How does this work? I'm not sure if I'm being dumb, but I just can't picture how baby would face you! Also, has anyone tried both the sport and the vibe? Which did you prefer?

Carly 23 weeks xxx


  • I used the cocoon when my lo was tiny. You can only have the baby facing you if you aren't using the toddler seat at the same time, If you've got the toddler seat on top then the babies face would be too close to the bottom of the seat if you had it facing you BUT when you have the baby facing away you can actually still see them really well as there is no hood or anything in the way. I've got the Sport and I am really pleased with it. I did look at the vibe as well but it worked out a lot more expensive and I wasn't convinced it was any better, it just looked different!
  • I have not had one of these, but friends have no issues with them - having baby facing you instead of the world is fantastic and they enjoy the facial expression show!
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