disappointed with Gp and midwife....

hi girls

i only foound out im expecting on tues, so went to see my doctor and explained how worried i am, as i had a mmc in sept and found out at the 12 week scan, and i asked if i could have an early scan, he said prob not! im so annoyed! i cant wait til 12 weeks and the same thing might happen again, that they tell us our baby has died! he told me to ring midwife to make booking in appointment, i did and she said its too early as im only about 4 weeks gone, and i asked her about an early scan as id had mmc etc and she said they prob wont do one image well thats really pissed me off, the nhs are crap!!!!!! that means im prob going to have to pay privatly, i dont think i can wait till 12 weeks and wory about hearing those dreaded words! i know getting an early scan doesnt mean everything WILL be ok, but i know that after 8 weeks the chance of mc goes down....grrrrr :x


  • Oh you poor love. Its terrible that they won't scan you earlier for reassurance, i'm sure if it happened to your doctor or one of the powers that be that decides on these silly rules they'd feel exactly the same as you! I know there is no reason why it should happen again and the chances are everything will be fine this time but i totally understand that you'd be worried. I've had 2 (almost 3 once this one comes along) successful pregnancies since my m/c but i still find myself panicking at every little twinge faring the worst. Its human nature. Please try not to get too stressed about it and try to enjoy your pregnancy, and all i can suggest is maybe look around for private clinics that have reasonable prices? Sorry i cant be of much more help, i just wanted to let you know i'm thinking of you! xxx
  • hugs sorry to hear about your mc. congratulations on your bfp!

    the nhs is crap sometimes! my friend had a mc at 12 weeks and then when she fell pg again was offered an early scan as the hospital do it as standard so she had an 8 and a 12 week scan.

    maybe ring the hospital directly to ask their policy?
  • hi hun - id ring the antenatal directly after they receive your referral from mw - explain baout your anxieties. do you have another gp in your practice? go to them and see what they say. Ive had 2 early scans alreay - one due to a bleed and then they called me back so dont see why they cant do the same! NHS is naff sometimes.
    I know its easy for me to say, but dont get too distressed by this though.
    take care
  • thanks for your replies girls, im going to look on the hopital (where i will have the baby fingers crossed) website to see if they have a price lists for private scans. bloody nhs dont know how to care. id like a scan ab about 8 weeks and if everything is ok another at 12 weeks, gosh anyone would think im asking for something much more than what i am...

    ashy xx
  • Sorry to hear your gp wasn't more compassionate Ashy, it does seem to be a bit of a postcode lottery. I can totally understand you not wanting to wait until 12 weeks so if you can afford to it might be worth going private. Most clinics offer dating scans for about ??100 but we had one in an NHS hospital (in their 'private' after hours clinic) and it was only ??50. Try not to worry though, I am sure everything will be fine this time xx
  • iv had a look at another hospital and think i can get a private scan for ??50, but im going to wait and see if i hear anything back from the doctor to see if i can get it on the nhs, if not im going to just pay myself i think...dont want it yet as im only 4 weeks gone, so think i should wait unitil about 7 weeks, what you think?

    ashy x
  • When you get to 8 weeks could you just turn up at your local EPU in tears, and say you are really worried? I think most MW's would agree to the scan if they knew how upset you were, as stress is bad for the baby.

    Also - I would definately wait until at least 7 weeks, as you may not see anything at all if you go too early.
  • Unfortunately the NHS doesn't have unlimited resources and it can seem really unfair, I am also having issues with the care or rather lack of it that I am currently being offered.
    If you can afford it I would pay for a private scan, if you search for this on the intranet there are loads of them out there now for between ??50 and ??150.
    There's no point really going for a scan before at least 7 weeks and if you can wait 8 weeks. I had an early scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding and it was really too early to see very much, have been for 8 week scan today and finally saw the heartbeat what a relief.
  • congratulations on bfp!

    I would get your booking in appointment sorted with your midwife and discus it with her - i am sure that she will refer you to epu. Infact i think most doctors would refer you.

    You could also ring the nurse and ask for 2 blood tests to check hcg - dont even ask the doctor.

    Good luck and congratulations x x x
  • summer76 i wanted to book in with midwife but she said its too early and they dont want to see me until im about 8 weeks! but i want my scan around then!

    julisum glad you got to hear the heartbeat, that must be amazing!

    when i had my mc the nhs wernt very good, they didnt explain anthing with me and there was no follow up appointment after the mc to see how i was doing or anything!!!!

    ashy x
  • i had the smae problem as ive had 3 m/c last year and they wouldnt c me till i was 8 or 9 weeks gone cos they said they dont now cos if u r gonna m/c there is nothing they can do to stop it so tey tend to see u at the hos bout 12 weeks unless u have any bleeding it is heartless i no but now to be honest i can c y they do it i asked 4 hcg and scans to be done and they said they wudnt do it till 12 weeks unless i had any bleeding the first 12 weeks was the longest 12 weeks of my life as i bled at 7 weeks and 12 weeks with this baby i think the only thing u can do is just sit tight and grit ur teeth at the hospital till 8 weeks then kick off at them if they dont listen to u xx gud luck hun
  • I would ring the EPU and explain all waht has happened and ask if they can see you to put your mind at rest they could check you hcg now and then scan you.

    Make a fuss, be in tears and be really upset that your doctor has treated you so badly.....

    Good luck and I am sure that this time it will all go so well for you, just try and relax and enjoy it xxxxx
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