Test results back for Down syndrome.

I have just had a letter to say that my baby is not at high risk from downs but it does not say what the results were. Did anyone find out and if how?


  • no hun ,but what a relief for you x
  • I had a letter back from the hospital with my blood results on (1 in 24,000). I haven't been given a numerical risk from my nuchal translucency or age, but as they are 1.4mm and 24 I think it's all low risk. Maybe your doctor would know

    Good news anyway x
  • I had my results given as "odds" but I know that not every hospital does this. In fact, I think it causes less worry to just say "low risk" rather than the actual result as I worried about mine despite the fact it was 1:6500! You wont be offered the amnio if you are low risk so what difference does it make if you know the actual figures or not?!

    Its low risk hun and thats all you need to know.


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