when should i go to hospital??

hi girls
ive been getting mild contractions since 2am, about 10 mins apart, but they stopped at half 1 pm.
they started again at 4ish andhave been every 5-10 minutes since , but sometimestheres a break of half hour up to! and ill have a few very strong contractions then a very short mild one and back again!! so irregular :x its making me doubt whether im in labour at all or just imagining it :roll:
i dont know when i should go to hospital , when im normal i think i should leave it all night but at the tip of a cntraction im thinking argh i need to get there lol :\?


  • Hi Tinkerbells's bump,
    Well done, it sounds as though your defo on your way. Mw's usually say dont go to hospital until your contractions are regularly at least 5 mins apart and lasting 30 secs, or you cant bear the pain any longer. I would say put off going on until you really cant handle it anymore, as if your hospital is anything like mine they will send you away if your not in established labour (at least 3cm's dialated). If your any doubt call your labour ward and they will advise you.
    Good luck with everything, and i hope you dont have to wait too much longer to meet your baby.
    Katie, mummy to Erin 15mnths and Joe 11 weeks. x
  • ooh hun how exiting well i would say ring your labour ward they will guide u as to when u should go in , in the mean time have a nice warm bath and take it easy cos when u get to hospital its all very intense(in my experience)good luck cant wait to hear your birth story xxxxxxx
  • erm, not sure tbh as this is my first. i think the best bet is to give the hospital a call and they'll let u know if they think ur ready to go in or not, i'm pretty sure u have to phone them anyway as they like to know that ur on ur way so they can be ready for u.

    ever so exciting tho, good luck!!!!!




  • hi tinkerbells bump! congrats, sounds like it wont be long! hosp normally say dont go in til you're biting the table (so to speak) and pain is unbearable. if you can still hold a conversation whilst having a contaction, dont go yet. make sure you have something to eat as well so you have energy for when you get there even if you dont feel like it.
    good luck!
  • Hi babe,
    Im not sure as this is my first :]
    But i just want to wish you luck x
  • i agree with milliesmum and i also think you will actually 'know' when to go in the pain will become unbearable, having said that i went in my other 3 lo's asap and i wasnt going home either!! and i wont be messing around this time as dd only took 3 hrs to put in an appearence, just do what you feel best xx all the best its so exciting!!!! xxxxx


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