Mixed feelings

Hi all
Im quite new to this site. Me and oh decided we were going to ttc in a couple of months time due to the fact were moving house in march and im due to start a new job next week. However yetserday was CD39 and decided to do pregnancy test...which turned out positive!! Ive since done 3 more tests which all say the same.
Im not sure if its the shock of finding out but i am feeling soooo confused, im not feeling happy or sad and i dont think i want to have a termination. one minute i feel ok about it and the next im in tears. im worried about what people at work will say? It doesnt seem real at the mo eoither which i dont think is helping!!
Just wondered if you had any advice for me as i hate feeling like this?
Thanks x


  • Oh darling - even when your trying to have a child it can still be a shock when it acctually happens!

    My best friend was trying for over a year cried every time her period came and the sec she found out she was pregnant she burst into tears thinking am I ready for this?

    My fella and I have been trying for two and a half years but we both still were in disbelief and over whelmed with emotion.

    I work for a charity doing adventure youth work and was covering a materinty post and was barly there a month when I fell pregnant - lol trying to explain I was pregnant so I couldnt actually do the adventures made me feel nervous too - babe there is never a perfect time - and pregnancy is built up to be this lovely glowing time in your life - so times its hard and emotional too

    just take some time out for your self! find out how your feeling and speak to your fella...

    My work by the way have been really supportive and I found out when I was 3 weeks! things have a funny way of working out - and looking for support here is a good start! let us know how your getting on sweetpea wont you!? xxx
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