pregnant again? my lo is only 5 months

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  • the test showed i was pregnant is this because i was 5 months ago or i am pregnant again?
  • I think you must be pregnant again! After 5 months you won't have the pregnancy hormones still in your body to get a positive test.
  • you are most likely pregnant.
    join the club! my lo is only three months, and i have no idea how far gone i am cos i haven't had af since he was born! oh well, i got a doctors appointment tomorrow and they're gonna scan me so should find out then.
    good luck!
    susie xxx
  • congratulations!! sounds to me like you are pregnant image
    congrats to you aswell susie_bean.
    my lo is almost 7 months and i really want another, but i havnt had any luck of due period either yesterday or next sun....cycles are crazy....but hopefully i wont see the witch xx
  • As someone who fell pg 6 weeks after the birth of her 1st it sounds to me as thou you r def pg ashbabes! Congrats!!

    And congratulations to you too susie_bean..........and god luck to you Hannah!! xxx

  • You are not alone, the test is right you are most probably pg as 5 months after having lo you wont still have any g hormone left in your body.
    My lo was only 10 weeks old when i found out i was 5 weeks pg so i got caught when he was only 5 weeks old, he will be just 11 months old when lo is born and they will be in the same yr at school lol but hey ho itg was meant to be, good luck.
    susie bean good luck for the docs and your scan.
    vikki xx
  • congrats to u to vikki R!! My 2nd was born just the other side of the cut-off date for school so my girls are in diff years lol She was early too, so only 10 months between them - 3rd Nov 2000 & 4th Sept 2001.

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  • sounds like you are gonna have another baby hun. Congratulations and take care
    Filo x
  • Congratulations on your pregnancies ladies! My lo was 11 weeks old when I became pregnant with this one. I'm due 3rd Sept but may have the baby delivered by c-section early since it is only a short time since my c-section last sept. Like Vikki R my little ones may be in the same year at school too!

    All the best ashbabes and Susie_bean,
    Denise xx
  • Atleast ill get it over and done with in one go lol And they will look after each other as they are 2 boys this one is due 25th july and leo will be 1 on the 5th sep, so leo will be one of the oldest and this one ,one of the youngest, people will think they are twins lol
    vikki xx
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