Sorry - this is really embaressing problem :(

so sorry about this but need advice

Last few days i have been bleeding from my back passage, only notice it when i go to the loo. Its bright red and gave me a shock also been having mucus stuff as well (so so so sorry)

I have no pain and not consitpated been eating fibre and veg and go regulary as normal

Could it be piles? OH had a look (so embaressing but figured he'll see it all when give birth!!) and said could see anything,

any ideas? think make an appointment with doc!

Thanks and sorry!
Laura (19+3) xxx


  • Hi Laura, I suffered from this very early in my pregnancy and pre-pregnancy due to ibs.

    I had a lot of bright red blood that when i wiped it was like i was on my period. It was because I had internal piles and they did give me a little tablet thing to insert and some cream and it did go and had no problems since.

    I would definately go to doctors and have it checked, it doesnt affect baby but can cause a lot of discomfort for you.

    Hope this helps

  • I bleed from the back passage and find it HARD to go and when going... it may well be piles (not that i'm qulified to diagnoise) but you can take fybogel I have been recomended by to parmancy's and ive got a book called the pregnancy bible which mentions it by name! it's completely naturul just bumps up your daily in take of fiber in a orange drink thats fine to taste cause with the hormonal change fruit and veg just may simply not be enough! I would tell your doctor - mid wife on next visit or give them a call if you want some reasurance? xxx
  • Me too - I get the mucusy thing and a little blood as well, but put it down to being a bit constipated and hormones!

    It's so true what they say about pregnancy - leave your dignity at the door!!!!
  • I would definitely go and see your Doctor and get yourself checked out. If it's only just started recently it probably is just piles or something pregnancy related but you can't be too sure. I had the same symptoms 6 years ago and was later diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (not wanting to panic you) but definitely go see your Doctor, just to be sure xxxx
  • hi i also had this when i was pregnant, i was told its nothing to worry about, but you may want to get checked out just incase. but id try not to worry about it image xx
  • Its reading these posts that makes me realise how lucky iv bin with my pregnancies. This is my second baby and the only problems iv had through both pregnancies is ichy nipples and a lil constipation and back ache. Sorry to hear u are suffering I wud just check it out with ur GP, im sure its just another joy of bin pregnant. Kerry xxx

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