Some rather stupid questions!!!

I got my BFP this afternoon on a CBD...1-2 weeks and im petrified. Weve been trying 5 months, although weve been waiting years! Problem is, I darent tell anyone and I have some dumb questions that I need you ladies to help me with....PLEASE!

1. When do I see the dr and what do I need to take (or do I tell them I need to see a midwife)?

2. How do I roughly work out my EDD as I would like to know for work even though I wont be telling everyone, Im a teacher and as ill be due in Sept, this quite a good time for me to be pg?

3. Do I keep taking the folic acid (ive been taking Sanategen (sp) Pronatal)?

4. I cant keep anything down for the last 2 this normal!?

Thanks ladies...I really appreciate it as im totally clueless! I just didnt expect it to happen yet! image


  • Oh, and I took paraceptamol for a splitting headache this morning and didnt limit my alcohol intake over Xmas (as you can tell, wasnt expecting this at all!) Is this normal, and is the oaraceptamol safe?
  • Congratulations!!!

    1) i didn't see a dr till i was 9 wks (i knew since 4 wks) they dont really do anything when you do see them- they just refer your details to the community mw and your chosen hospital.

    I used this to work out my due date

    3) your advised to take folic acid for the first 12 weeks

    4) not being able to eat is so normal- i have always had a love affair with food but from the moment i fell pg- urgh food is yukky. MW advised me to eat little and often.

    Again Congratulations, wishing you luck for the next 9 months
  • Thanx will be amazed at how mch you have calmed my nerves!
  • Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

    I saw my GP first which I did at about 5 weeks and then made a booking in appointment for 8 weeks with the midwife at the GP surgery. (Your GP will tell you what to do!)

    As for EDD, there are plenty of websites that will tell you. Cow & Gate is definitely one. Your GP will probably work it out for you as well. I'm pretty sure you just need the date of your last period and how long your cycle normally lasts.

    Keep taking your folic acid until 12 weeks - I'm not sure what is in your Pronatal supplement but ask your GP if it's still suitable or whether you need to go onto Pregnacare - I just took plain folic acid

    As for not being able to keep anything down, I didn't have any trouble but I was very lucky with sickness during my pregnancy - I'm sure there are plenty of other ladies on this forum who will be able to sympathise with you about that joy!

  • Congratulations.

    Your questions, I'll try and answer them

    1. Make an appointment with your doctor to let him know, he will then refer you to the midwife.

    2. If you type into google, due date calculater a few internet sites will come up, you put in the date your period started (first day) and how long your cycle is, it will calculate your due date and tell you how far along you are.

    3. I think there is Folic acid in Sanategen, check this if not still keep taking your folic acid until 12 weeks.

    4. Morning sickness is awful, I have had it reallt bad, but it didnt start the early on, I think I was about 6 weeks.

    5. Paraceptamol is fine to take in pregnancy.

    6. Dont worry about what you done over Xmas.

    7. I dont know about oaraceptamol

    Hope this helps

  • when I first looked at this post it said 0 replies, so i went and wrote all that out and all you ladies had already covered it. sorry
  • No probs annem, all advice is slightly different which makes me feel better as it makes me realise that there is no RIGHT way to do this, just each persons way. Thats good! Thanks ladies, for helping and not pointing out how stupid those questions are!
  • Hi,

    There is definitely the recommended amount of Folic Acid in Sanatogen ProNatal, that's what I have been taking and I think I will keep taking it as it's not too expensive but I'd like to take a supplement safe for when you're pregnant.

    I didn't take anything with me to the doctor's, she worked out the date for me and it was the same as what I had got myself from one of the calculators mentioned. She also took my word for it as she said if I'd done a home test that was fine ...I didn't like to tell her that I'd done about 7 :roll:

    Congratulations :\)
  • lol! Thanx. I did one of those internet calculator things and it says 22nd Sept! This is fab if its right as I am a teacher and this means I can start my maternity leave at the beginning of the Autumn term and take the summer full paid!!!! WOOHOO!
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