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Just wondered for those ladies not working or those taking maternity leave quite early, what are you planning on doing to fill the time. I was wondering about taking up some kind of hobby - something not too active - like drawing or knitting or something! Maybe knitting would be useful so I could knit some booties! How do you pass the time without overdoing it?

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  • I enjoy cross-stitch... find it very relaxing... am such an old lady! I can knit a scarf but that's about it - I find I always knit tight and don't like the end result.

    I can't wait to start maternity leave but still enjoy a bit of cross-stitch of an evening if I want to chill out with telly or music in the background.

    Once I go on maternity (37 weeks) I plan to load the freezer with pasta sauce, lasagne and chillis, interspersed with cross-stich, snoozing and general pootling about the internetimage

    MMM - really can't wait! Just 8 weeks more to go in the office
  • ooo, good idea Weeza about cooking - I'm not a brilliant cook (DH is much better!) but I think I'll have to start learning some more recepies as essentially be a 'housewife' (that makes me giggle, never thought I would be a 'housewife' but am really looking forward to it)! x
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