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Hi all, I just had my 21wk scan and they said its a boy!! Im so shocked! lol. Im very happy I dont care what it is as long as its healthy! I was so shocked I nearly fell off the bed!! lol. I was so sure it was going to be a girl. Im a very happy lady. Hope your all well. Debs x


  • Same happened with me when i found out we are having a boy, it was either fall off the bed or burst into tears, i chose the latter! Congratulations hun.
  • Hi all, thanks Sara and Claire, I still have a huge grin on my face, must still be in shock! lol. As soon as christmas is over I will be out buying everything blue, cant wait, so glad I found out now. Take care, Debs x
  • well done!!! best feeling in the world when you find out what your having!! im still so chuffed im having a boy, good job i found out as i only had girls names lol well done xx
  • congratulations. When they told me i was having a boy,i cried too. I was so sure i was having another girl. He is my only boy, i went on to have 2 more girls..

    All the best, jayne.x.
  • Hi all thanks for your congratulations. I think Im slowly getting used to the fact that its a boy. I think deep down I must have known because I could never refer to my bump as she! Im still grinning! I have 2 boys and 2 girls so I didnt mind what I was having. I will have to think of some boys names now because I only had a girls name! I dont think he would be very happy if I called him sophie! lol. Take care all. Debs xx
  • congratulations a little baby boy awwww lovely well done. hugs becky.xx
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