Please Help, new mum to be needing advice?

Hi All,

Iv only just registered to this site so am a bit of a novice. My baby is due in sept and am 9weeks and 4 days. Although iv had a really really bad cough for the past few weeks and the doctors say they cant do anything for me but to drink hot water, honey and lemon. I was doing this but nothing really helped and now im coughing a lot and getting pains in my stomach. Really really worried that something bad could happen and its making me out of my mind with worry.

Please can anyone offer any advice?



  • Hi hun,

    Congrats on your pregnancy. Sorry you aren't feeling too good, if you are worried your cough is getting worse then it would be a good idea to go back to your GP.
    You do find during the first 12 weeks or so that you get pains when you sneeze or cough because of everything being so relaxed and stretching down there.

    Unfortunately you are limited with what you can take medicine wise as obviously you don't want to harm your little bean.

    Take care, hope you cough clears up soon so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x
  • Welcome to the site and congratulations on you pregnancy! Have you found the 'due in september' froum-you'll make lots of friends in there who are at the same stage as you.

    Now, the cough. You really don't need to worry. I had the worst bout of flu ive ever had in my life at xmas-i was coughing so badly, i was amazed the baby was staying in there! They're so well protected, it would take a major hit/trauma to the stomach to cause any damage, coughing will NOT cause any harm even though it feels painful and uncomfortable to you.

    Just put your feet up and take it easy.

    Please try not to worry, i know it's easier said than done but you really don't need to-your little baby is just fine in there and probably enjoying the rocking motion from you coughing-they find any movement soothing.
  • thanks, im just really worried because never been through this before and seem to be suffering quite a bit during these first few month. I was hoping this cough would hasve left me by now but it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully the doctors will be able to give me a little something to ease the pain.

  • Hi Pixiebob,

    Thanks for the reccomendation for the forum, i'll give it a look.

  • Pop back to see them-you may have an infection brewing so maybe they'll give you some antibiotics, you can safely take paracetamol xx
  • I had a hideous cough when I was pg. It was awful and the fact that I couldn't take anythhing for it just made it hang around forever. But it did no harm to lo so try not to worry. If it gets worse just get Dr to check you don't have a chest infection and if you do there are safe antibiotics they can give you. Take care and congrats on your pg. S x
  • I agree with the others. It's normal for it to hurt when you cough or sneeze - and pregnant woman are a lot more suseptable to colds and flu because we have lower immunity.

    If you are coughing up gunk, or if you have a high temperature then you should go back to your GP, if not just rest as much as you can, and drink lots of fluids.

    Hope you feel better soon,
    oh and welcome to BE!

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