Bad skin & spots! :roll:

I'm so annoyed - you should see my skin! It's covered in blemishes (not full on spot spots!) and its horrid and yuck!!! My best feature, apart from my lovely eyes hubby says :lol: is my skin! Look what baby Angus has done to it!!!!!!!

I have never had to buy spot stuff! So can anyone recommend anything that might be good for me? They're sort of blotchy blemishes on my forehead and chin / cheekbones. Lovely hey?

I don't look like a pizza, granted, but spots are not normal for me so I am not impressed!!!! LOL

Joo xxx

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  • Hi Joo,so much for the blooming stage?!! Have you thought about having facials regulary as they would help with your blemishes aswell as being relaxing?xx
  • hi joo im the same as you im afraid but mine are all along my jaw line with a couple of full on spots but mainly blemishes. i use panoxyl aquagel which is great but dries your skin slightly and avon do a great mask called pure pore perfection which was about ??3 and its great your skin looks better the first time you use it
    claire x
  • Hi Joo

    Im the same! For the past few weeks i have had horrible spots on my jawline, even my neck and chest!!! image

    Ive never had a prob with plukes in my life apart from the odd one.

    Tbh, if i left them alone they maybe wouldn't be so bad, BUT i cant stop picking :lol:

    Hopefully once our babies are out, we will be gorg again lol

    Sharon x

  • When I came off the pill to ttc my skin got quite bad. Luckily its cleared up beautifully, sorry!, but I do still use a targetted facewash to make sure it stays that way. Any of the 'teenage' ones seem to work (I like the Witch one best) and I use a Clinique blemish gel for any spot spots! x
  • Hey Joo...

    I have battled with acne for what seems like forever!! And about 18 months i found a miricle cure! well not quite a cure but its the only thing that helps mine!

    Its called 101E lotion and is a chinese herbal thing.. its brilliant and doesnt dry your skin out at all...

    Its much cheaper if you get it on line this is where i get mine from

  • I am exactly the same as you. Spots all along my jaw line and undre the skin ones on my forehead.
    I am using Boots Skin Clear toner (very gentle) and witch hazel stick.
    Hopefully they will go as our pregnancy goes on.
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