Hi everyone

I was just wondering where everybody picks up their baby heartbeat on their doppler. My midwife doesnt listen to baby, but i have my own dopper & always picked up heartbeat at the lower right had side of my belly. i havent used it for a while & last week started feeling baby kicking on my left hand side (which i usually feel all on my right) I was a bit confused & i listened over the weekend & picked up baby heartbeat towards to the top of my bump, almost half way up from my belly button between my ribs (if that makes sense) i suppose i am just worried that baby may be breech now as i am picking the heartbeat up so high, i see midwife on thurs, am i worrying unneccesarily ??

Any advise would be appreciated thanks, by the way i am nearly 34 weeks x


  • I would try not to worry until you've seen the midwife honey. I'm only 20+6 but I always pick up the heartbeat on the lower right hand side of my tummy, but I have been told it moves higher as you grow. Sorry, not much help! xxxx


  • I wouldn't worry, once they are head-down it is very unlikely that they turn breech, it's usually the other way around. My baby's been head down since 26 weeks and shows no sign of shifting now! I haven't listened on the doppler for months! *must get it out* Babies move in all kinds of funny positions, I swear mine engaged last night only to free himself this morningxxx
  • My babys heartbeat both by m/w and on my own is always on my left side below my belly button, and he has been head down since about 28 weeks.
    I wonder why your m/w doesnt listen???? I would ask her to listen when you go this week. I would also ask her to check the position of baby.
    Im sure baby still could be head down, just might be in a different postition. And if it isnt your 1st, they dont usually engage till very close to the end aparantly.. Im sure all will be ok, just ask this week, as if baby is breach they might offer you a scan to check closer to due date. Good luck

    Caz xx


  • My little girls heartbeat is int he left side really quite low down, mw is unsure how baby is lying tho as she says i have good stomach muscles!!! She was head down when i went 4 my 4d scan at 28 weeks tho so hoping she hasnt moved!!!

  • Does it say in your notes which way round the baby is? They can usually tell by feeling more than listening i think...
  • oh thanks everyonem, i dont see my midwife very often & last time (28 wks) she didnt check so i think with not knowing where baby laid etc i am starting to panick. He seems very happy at the mo & doppler is picking heartbeat up now almost just slightly higher than my belly button but with him moving all the time its hard to tell. Thats good news tho i am pleased with that

    Thanks for your help & replies xx
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