Does anyone work in leisure?


I'm just wondering if there is anyone here that works in the leisure industry, swimming pools in particular. If you do/ did what's happening about you working whilst pg? Have you been put on light duties/ taken off shift? I'm jsut curious cos during my las pg I was so sick I was signed off for a lot of it and then had to fight for a few weeks of light duties towards the end.

I'm not sure what to do this time as I'm not as sick but struggling with the late shifts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • i am a hotel manager- so sort of similar!
    have had a bad time with work especially in the beginning. they wouldnt change my shifts, i was working 10-11 hours most weekends until the early hours. i run all the weddings so its hard going being on your feet.
    i had a mc in april so was so worried about doing anything to harm this pregnancy.
    i was signed off for 2 weeks once for high blood pressure and the other for stress and bleeding. i had 3 cases of bleeding at the start and saw a gyno who said it was my job causing me the problems.
    in the end i rang HR and cried my eyes out to the top lady-the next thing i new they had hired a new manager to cover my shifts and i am now off the weddings and am back on reception taking it easy until MAT leave starts.
    it took me a good few months to get here and i kept a record of everything that was said to me (my general manager was a bitch kept making nasty comments) i printed off loads of stuff from the net about pregnancy laws etc

    The main thing your employer needs to do is carry out a PREGNANCY RISK ASSESSMENT- this is by law and it will show any risks to you and the baby which they have to remove you from. speak to your manager and get this sorted ASAP- if they cant remove you from the risks or find you a differeent job then they have to suspend you on FULL PAY!!!!

    hope this helps and hope things in work are ok!


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