Pram help please!!!?!!

Hi ladies,
Im looking for any advice that you may be able to offer me...image

I have had my heart set on the Quinny Buzz for its manouvrability, ability to go off road, the carrycot, the fact that it takes baby till toddler and the isofix car seat (??600 for the full package incl isofix base). I understand that the full package can take up quite a bit of space which we dont necessarily have (3 bed first time house). However, for the first 6-12 months, I would really like to invest in an Amby Hammock which would stay at our bedside until the baby goes into the cot bed. BUT this would mean having to have something for the baby to sleep in downstairs too for the day time as I from what I've seen, the Amby Hammock isnt really that mobile to be taking up and downstairs on a regular basis. So, having looked around, I really like the look of the silver cross sleepover as you can use the carry cot as a sleep basket during the day (it comes with a stand) and therefore saves space already. But, it is at least ??450 without the carseat which even if we did get the one that it is compatible with, it isnt compatible with isofix. So..... then there is the Mamas and Papas Ultima 8 in 1 which is similar to the Silver cross in that it can be used as a daytime sleeper as it also comes with a stand and the car seat. It is ??575 but we would need to buy the car seat base additionally and I dont see that it would be great on any other terrain other than pavements.

So the ideal would be to get the Quinny Buzz package with everyting and the Amby Hammock but we would need to spend an additonal ??70-??100 for a moses basket for downstairs and we would be using even more space for storing the pram accessories additionally to that!!! So really not all that ideal :roll:

If anyone has any other ideas, please please let me know, sorry for the long post!

Thanks in advance


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  • When I had my first I used to put her either in her pram in the lounge, or take the carrycot off the pram and put that in the lounge for her daytime naps. Could you do the same with the Quinny? I think that the Quinny carrycot has a pretty good matress so it should be fine for daytime naps, the one in my Bugaboo was better than my moses basket matress!!
    Hope that helps
  • Does your Quinny package include the Dreami carrycot? If so, and that's the travel system you like best for the money, I would say just let your little one sleep in that downstairs - that's what it's for. As long as baby's laid flat that's fine, as far as I know :\)

    We didn't manage to get as good a deal on our Quinny package by the sounds of it - the carrycot wasn't included - but we decided against getting it in the end anyway as it's a bit heavy. Instead we went for a travel cot permanently set up in the lounge for daytime naps.

    But as space is an issue for you I'd say definitely go with the Quinny carrycot for daytime naps. That way, if you've been out pushing baby in it & s/he has fallen alsleep, you can just leave him/her in it when you get home.

  • My friend has the buzz and uses the carry cot as mosses basket too! makes life easier!
  • Dunno about the quinny but if the other girls are right that sounds ideal. If not you can get moses baskets for about ??30 for day time naps - john lewis do a cream one for about that and Babies r us do one for about that too. Just thought that might change your choices!
  • i don't have much idea about all the different prams but u can get moses baskets brand new with stand from ??40 in mothercare, i'm sure if u shop around a bit as well and look at places like kiddicare u might be able to find a moses basket even cheaper and might get a deal on a ur pram too. and also as some one ales suggested, cld u not use the carry cot from the quinny buzz as ur moses basket? most babies are only moses baskets for a max of 6 weeks anyway

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