my waters have broken!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness. my waters have broken!!! not having contractions, just got a bit of tummy ache! rang the hospital and they said to see how I go in the next 2 hours............ WONDER WHERE MY CONTRACTIONS ARE???? so nervous, so excited... don't know how to feel.......AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X X X X


  • OMG!!

    Am so jealous!! But really pleased for you! Good luck with everything.


    Is this your first baby? How far along are you? OOOOO so exciting!!

  • awww babe thats great i hope they start soon
    some ppl have there waters break and the contractions just dont come, or in my case i get all the contractions and my waters just dont break i have to have them broken when im fully dilated lol x
  • I'm 38 +6... and its my first baby... I'm shaking with nerves, just don't know what to do with myself...and I've got no pain...goodness knows what I'll be like when the pain kicks in!!!

    thanks for your replies...x x x x
  • good luck, my waters went at 35 weeks but they didnt know til they induced me, i told them they had gone but hey there u go. Contractions started for me after the prostin tablet. hope you go on alright xx
  • Have you got your OH with you? Am so jealous lol I went 13 days over with my first and am now 12 days away from d day with this one. got a feelin he's gonna be here early as well due to having so much water my MW thinks there gonna have to break.

    good luck.
  • OMG this could be it, how exciting, fingers crossed for you. ;\)
  • Just got back from hospital, and they said if I didn't go naturally they would induce me by having a hormone drip on saturday morning... they said I would have to have anti-biotic injection as precautionary measure, and once the drip is in, my contractions would come thick and fast!! The latest they said my baby would be here would be 5pm Saturday as that is 48 hours after the waters have broken....

    Not long now til I meet my baby!!!!!!! x x x x
  • Yaay, exciting!!! image xx
  • You must be soo excited to know you will have you lo in your arms sunday latest. Its a race between you and tink, lol.
    Good luck mrsh01. I'm so so jealous but am happy things have started for you. Cant wait for the birth story and pics.
  • how exciting! hope you meet your lo soon and keep us ladies posted xxx
  • OOh how fantastic hun, not long now till your wee bub will be in your arms. :\)

    suzi 19+2 xx

  • YIPPIE an october baby looks to be on its way, you must be so happy. Good luck, i'll look forward to your birth story and maybe some pics xxx

  • ill keep my fingers crossed for you that you go naturaly as iv had the drip and she aint joking about the thick and fast contractions. my son was born 3hour 45mins after the drip started working which was just 15 mins after it went in x
  • Im so jealous! Good luck I hope things start for you soon.
  • Im so jealous! Good luck I hope things start for you soon.
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