kidney stones

Hiya everyone. Im 14 weeks +4 today and im in agony. Went to the doctor last week who did a urine sample and the results said ive ot blood in my wee. I did another test yesterday and the results will be back monday. Has anyone else had this and what happened???? xxxx


  • Hey hun, i have kidney stones, they're agony, i know just how you feel! Sadly there is not an awful lot they can do for you while you are pregnant i'm afraid. Usually the blood is there due to infection or inflammation. They may scan you to see if you have any stones causing an obstruction, but it is sometimes hard to see as it depends on how big they are. I've been told to avoid foods containing oxylates (sp) such as caffeine, cheese, different types of fruit etc. There is an extensive list, i googled it! But what i've found helps more than anything is to drink tons and tons of water. And i mean tons! Its difficult at first but you get used to it, and it keeps your kidneys flushed through so you will be less likely to develop the stones in the first place.
    I usually start to feel better pretty quickly once the stone has passed, the most painful time is when its travelling down! I hope you feel better soon xxx
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