I thought I was having a girl!

I was absolutely convinced I was having a girl -why I don't know- and had even bought girls clothes -OPPS. Just had a 3-D scan and I am having a boy! I am really pleased about it but feel such a prat having bought pink clothes. image


  • I was exactly the same & yes I was tempted to buy pink clothes as well but my boyfriend stopped me. Lucky - as it turns out that from our 20 wk scan and 4D scan we are definitely expecting a boy! xxxx


  • Oh congratulations! Hope you kept all the labels and receipts, then you can have fun taking them all back and swapping them for all the cute little-boy-blue clothes! (hope you didnt paint the nursery yet!)

  • I just wonder Tiger Lily if something else takes over our brains when pregnant! I can't even say why I was convinced it was a girl. Oh well, now I have to think of a name (obviously Poppy is no good now!) and get his wardrobe sorted (or he'll end up confused and in therapy with all that pink). I am really pleased though. xxxx
  • I was the same!!!

    Convinced I was having a girl, even had the odd bit of pink in the drawers but no it was defo a boy that showed in my scan!

    I had nicknamed my bump Tink - now its Tommy lol
  • Aww congratulations hun. i have been told twice im having a girl so if it comes out a boy i am in BIG trouble ha ha xx


  • Congratulations on yur blue bump!! I am absolutely convinced i am having a girl too and have even bought a gorgeous pink bumper from mothercare (mostly because it was only ??12 in the sale and can take it back!) but have my 20 week scan tomorrow so have this awful feeling i'll be proved wrong too..obvioulsy i'll be over the moon if its a boy too i'll just feel abit stupid after telling everyone i was SURE its a girl!! Like you say it must do something wierd to our brains as there is no rational thinking behind it so i can't explain why i think i'm so sure...can' wait to find out tomorrow though!x
  • my son is 4 and first off told me i had a baby in my tummy when i was convinced i wasnt pg having been on th pill for ages, then told me i was having a girl...was right both times as far as scans go...but pretty spooky coming from a 4 year old lol.
    we still hve bought most stuff in neutral colours tho, just incase image
  • I really thought i was having a girl as well but were having a boy! luckily i hadn't bought anything with colours at that point but i do still hold pretty little dresses up to my tummy when im out lol x
  • thanks for your replies girls. I am glad I am not the only one to do this.

    I didn't keep the receipts powderpuff but I can give them to my friend who is having a girl -thank goodness!

    Loobeelou - let us know what you're having! and Jojo, I wish I could have borrowed your son!!!
  • well ladies its happened to me too..my visons of my beautiful pink, pale green and cream nursery have crumbled as yes i am having a boy too!! Can't believe it..i was so shocked when the sonographer said yes theres a willy there and then even did some sort of blood flow scan to double check.
    I'm very happy (and obviosuly relieved he's healthy) but feel a right idiot for telling everyone i was sure i'm having a girl..and i'm maybe just a teensy bit dissapointed as i did want a girl so much (but feel ashamed to admit that so haven't told anyone that!!)
    At least it will save me alot of money..i just love all the dresses so much boys clothes just aren't the same so i won't be going clothes mad now.. and need to start thinking of boys names now as my plan of Emila Violet is gone!!x
  • Me too! My lo is 12 weeks old now and I found out at the 20 wk scan it was a boy. And that's exactly what I thought 'I no but I wanted a beautiful pink and pale green flowery nursery like the one in verbeduet (sp?) catolgue' I know this sounds awful but I cried for 3 days!?! I was just sooooo convinced - had a dream about it and everything. Well I certainly didn't want a train, car or boat nursery so we have gone for animal theme - lots of different places have animals, so it's not from one place but have gots bits and bobs from everywhere. My little boy is gorgeous and it now makes absolute sense - of course he's a boy! I think it's just your hormones going crazy. Although I def will be teaching him to put the toilet seat down!

    El x
  • Thanks el, so glad to hear i'm not the only one dreaming about such a pretty nursery (and i feel sooooo shallow but its what i wanted!) i definatly don't want a car, train or boat nursery either so its back to the drawing board to find a style i like (i even had a gorgeous floral laura ashley wallpaper picked out for a feature wall before..) !! the animal theme is a great idea, else i was thinking maybe bears, or a sort of surfy seaside theme minus the boats! I'm sure its just hormones like you say and i could never love him any less..x
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