when did ur boobs change?? and when did u start showing??

just wondering i am nearly 8 weeks and have nothing yet, just wondering how long it took others for any changes, i know everyone is different but will just find it interesting!! xx


  • Hi
    My boobs seemed fuller very early on but now over 13 weeks and still not had to buy new bra!
    Not showing yet but clothes just starting to feel tighter around my hips and waist.
    However 2 friends are also pregnant and both had a definate bump by 10 weeks, one first timer the other with her second.
    Like you say everyone is different!
  • no bump for me just fat feeling, you know when it gets a little harder to stop swaying the hips. the keep going stiff!
    my boobs were hurting around 10weeks plus, but everyone diff i guess.

    congrats btw.
  • My boobs were really sore, as though I had PMT, that was my first real sign, then my nipples went darker at around 10 weeks. I started showing a little by about 16 weeks... image

    G.x (30+6)
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