Not getting any sleep... help!

Hiya girls,

Hope you are all well. I was wondering if you have any advice for me, i'm 38+4 today and i'm in tears every night because of the pain i'm getting in my pelvis. Midwife said its just part of pregnancy... which is all well and good but not much help. Also suggested a pillow between legs and it does nothing. Wondered if anyone had other suggestions? i dread going to bed at night, never sleep and cry each time i turn! I want my baby out, so fed up now! Anything i can try?? xx meg xx


  • Have you tried a v shaped pillow? Has the m/w checked you for SPD? It sounds more painful than normal.
  • Yes, the midwife thinks that what it is, but says this far in its not worth taking action. Tried the pillow, makes no difference, m/w said to turn with legs down and together... that just isn't possible anymore image
  • Afraid there is nothing you can do at night. Im in the same situation. Every time i turn over at night im constantly waking and groaning in pain image Ive had SPD since i was 18 weeks with this pregnancy, im 35 weeks now and it gets me down. I just cant wait for it all to be over.
  • Goodness I'm surprised you've not been refered to the hospital. At your stage you can take paracetamol, and a hot water bottle might help. I also like those heated pads you can buy for backache - I used one after my cervical stitch to help combat the pain.
  • Im in the same boat im afraid! Was diagnosed with SPD at 25 weeks now at 36 and im in agony every night. I manage about an hours sleep on my left then an hour on my right then i usually get up as i start to fidged and poor oh has to get up for work!! I find napping in the day helps even if its an hour! I had physio for it but that was a waste of time. Gave me a support belt for walking but cant wear it sitting or lying down!! Looks like we will have to grin and bear it for these last few weeks xxxx:roll:
  • So why should i have been refered to hospital? do you mean for physio? I kinda thought they might induce us early, its bloody miserable, kinda wish i was alone eith this because its torture. I'm worried it will cause problems with labour...? is that possible? xx
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