anyone else scared of their vagina stretching?

I keep looking at my pregnancy countdown calander and it says 21 days til the birth of your baby! (i'm being induced) I'm starting to worry about the birth. I've dreamt about it for the past 3 nights in a row. I'm also excited at meeting my little girl, but worried about my vagina stretching and it hurting. I can barely have sex with my oh without it hurting as my tunnel (lol) has got so tight. What's it going to be like when she pops her head out of there!

I know i've been through it before, but it doesn't stop me thinking is my vagina ever going to be the same again???!!! Is it true that the more births you have the looser it gets - or not?


  • My first baby did the damage so to speak lol! With my 2nd it didnt change and i didnt have stitches or anything, things went straight back to normal really quickly (my 1st i was in a lot of pain for 6wks) i know everyones different tho...but hubby certainly hasnt got any complaints as baby no 3 is now happily cooking away! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Good good, that's what i like to hear! I had a 2nd degree tear with Evie - it healed really well and now you can't even see a scar or anything. i really hope i don't tear this time...please please please God!!

    Zoey - sorry hunny, but you need to face your fears!!!!

    With my first birth i just blocked it out and thought to myself 'oh don't worry she'll get out some how...' then just before it got to the crowning stage i asked the midwife if there was anything she could give for the pain of when the head passes through. well she looked at me as if i was crazy and said 'sorry no.' so this time i'm making sure i get an epidural in ASAP. Although i wouldn't say it's the worst pain in the world (stumping your toe is!) it's all over in a matter of seconds!

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