Is it Normal?? Advice please sorry very graffic!!!

Hi all I had a show yesterday, Was a solid lump followed by several stringy bits, But today every time i go to the toilet which is quite often when i wpe there is more stringy stuff. Not sure if this is normal. Its alot thicker than discharge. Have been over doing it a bit today mind as I have cleaned the whole house more or less from top to bottom and my back aches. OH just made me eat a chilli dipped in some spicy sauce to try and get things moving which hasnt helped how i feel then we had an argument and he has walked out. Not sure If this is normal or not. SORRY I KNOW ITS GRAFFIC BUT AM NOT SURE WHATS HAPPENING. IM 36+6weeks and booked for a not wanted cesarian on monday.


  • Is the stringy stuff bloody or more like a mucus discharge?
    After my show I didn't have any more discharge. Sounds like you have overdone it a bit with all the "nesting".
    If you are quite worried ring your midwife or NHS Direct and they'll help you more thoroughly, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
    Just one more thing - the backache could be the start of contractions. That's how mine started and I felt them all thru labour in my back too.
  • Its quite clear a bit like snot (sorry but best discription i could think of). No blood in it. I dont why but today i just feel so motivated to get the house in order, think it might be because when previous 2 where born i was so disorganised and as they where sections the house stayed upside down for weeks after as I wasnt up to cleaning it. Fingers crossed this could be it.
  • I'll keep my fingers crossed too - Good Luck xx
  • It sounds like a show with my first i had mine and a week later still no baby was induced in the end ! Why are you having a section (sorry to be nosy ! )
  • hi hun my show was like this last pg. was clear snotty stuff but it did drag on for days when bits kept coming away. the rest of the plug went when my waters broke xx
  • Hi yummy dont worry bout being nosy lol i have to have a section because the previous 2 where. First was due to failed induction and second was because they thought she had lost weight before being born but she hadnt so they wont let me go past 37ish weeks so have me booked in. I really want a natural though so hope i go before then.
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