baby not moving like normal

i have been worried these last two days cos not felt the baby kicking like he normally does dont know wether he has turned to face my back and thats why not feeling much i have had my heart monitor on and his heart beat is fine keep prodding to see if it gets him going maybe he having a few lazy days x


  • how far along are you hun ? if your worried you should really get the midwife to check you over. try drinking an ice cold glass of water, that can sometimes get them moving, also something with lots of sugar can give them a jolt. xxx
    emma 37+4
  • I wouldn't worry too much if you can hear the heartbeat ok, but as Emma said if you do feel worried give the mw a call. Most likely it's as you say and he's just turned around a different way, could be that he's kicking the placenta so that you can't feel it.
  • i will try the ice cold water thanks if dont feel him soon will phone the midwife thank you both x
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