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Hi girls last thursday my church class hosted a passover meal to show us where the eurachist comes from. They gave us loads of reading to do for this monday but i have hardly had time to read it and on the night was not feeling great so sat right at the end of the table and could not hear everything.

Tonight is questions night so they will be asking us questions and I was just wondering if somebody could help me out with explain this to me just so i am fully in the know for tonight?

K xx


  • Oh gosh K-Lou. I'm a catholic and not thought properly about passover etc since being a child. Maybe look it up on the internet. I can remeber feeling quite confused by it as a child - something to do with jews/ egyptians and god passing over housing and saving the first borns! Or I might have it completely wrong and perhaps need to do some reading myself.
  • LOL thank you tried to look it up but with these things there are always sites that say different things. I will have an 45 to eat and read up on the info they gave me so I will try and do that LOL should have brought it with me and read it on the train but just did not think.

    K XX
  • Argh, just typed a whole reply and then lost it...I hope this is what you're after:

    Here goes: It's from the Old Testament. In the time of Moses, God's people (the Hebrews/Israelites) were in slavery to the Egyptians. God sent Moses to be the guy to free the Hebrews so Moses went along to the Pharoah and said let my people go. But he wouldn't so God sent 10 plagues, the last one being that all the 1st born of the Egyptians would be killed, but God's people would be spared. They painted blood on their door posts and the angel of death passed them by. Then they had to flee from Egypt quickly and so had to prepare food - unleavened bread - for their journey, which is where we get the flat bread we use for Communion.

    The Jews were then commanded to celebrate this feast of passover, of God saving his people and this is the feast that Jesus was celebrating on the night of the last supper. But Jesus transformed the meaning of the celebration. By giving up his life he frees all people from sin and death in an ultimate sacrifce. And so we celebrate this each week at Mass and share in this each week.

    Don't worry they shouldn't be testing you, but rather helping you to develop your relationship with God and Jesus. I hope this helps and is right (I'm a Catholic School Chaplain so if it's wrong i'm in trouble!! HAha!) Good luck and all the best xx Good reading - Exodus 2-12 (12 being the passover bit)
  • good luck - im intriged now so you'll have to let me know tomorrow!!
    I have to start showing my face at church as want baby christened.
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