Had my Scan

Hey ladies,

Just wanted to let you know I had my scan and they said I'm exactly 12 weeks so my due date has changed my two days to the 25th June.

Our baby was bouncing around so much I was in there for ages as baby wouldn't keep still long enough to have measurements taken, Hubby got very emotional and I heard a few sniffles I just kept ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhing and awwwwwwwring lol.

All my fears and worries have flown right out of the window and I feel on top of the world image




  • Awwwww congratulations hun, hope the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy xxx
  • oh hun congratulations- its so lovely to hear your scan went well - i cant wait for my scan now =] xxxx
  • That's great. I had a scan at 11 weeks as I had a few problems with hyperemesis and ovarian cysts. I was the same as you looking at the screen. It finally felt real. My oh was reduced to tears. Our baby was doing somersaults! Having a scan really does put your mind at rest doesn't it. I can't wait for my next one which is just after Christmas.

    Hels (18+4) xxx
  • Ohhh how lovely!! I am so pleased for you!!

    Are you starting to show yet? I cant wait for my 12 weeks to be up and have my scan!!

    Well done Honey!! Heres to the rest of your pregnancy!! May it be a very happy and healthy one!!

  • lol think mine must have been asleep.... as mine took a few mins of there it is theres the heart ok it fine and alive off you go image
  • Thank you all for your kind words.

    I have started to show but look more fat that anything else.

    I've got the biggest grin on my face, words can't even begin to explain how happy I am. I hope you all have fantastic pregnancies image

  • Thats wonderful! You must be so happy! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for you! x
  • congrats we we're the same with our 1st its the hugest relief when u see that little flutter of a heart beat.xxxxx
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