early package

so to repeat myself but want you to know:
hi there just thought i'd let you all know that our baby boy arrived yesterday evening 5th dec at 17.58 5 weeks 4 days early!! he is called Max James and weighed in at 5lb 6 and (even if I do say so myself) is bloody gorgeous!

I was at work on tues about half 2 doing a school play rehersal of the nativity scene with everyone joking i could be mary, when my waters broke! oh yes with a gush! i had no pains or discomfort though. got taken to hospital to be chcked oer - it was only when ibent down to take my trousers off and created a puddle on the floor that the doc believed it was my waters! kept me in for 24 hours of monitoring but hoped that as no contractions they would keep me preg till 37 weeks.

at 11.45 pm contractions began regular -every 5 mins and strong so was moved to labour ward at about 1am but no dilation. had contrctions every 5 mins just the same all through the night but was examined again at 9 am and cervix was still closed!! so i was transfered to antenatal again. hubbie arrived back on the ward in the morning to keep me company. contractions stayed the same all day and all in my back so v painful. at half 12 hubbie went with a friend to get my car from where itwas stranded at work.

SUDDENLY at 3pm things started to move VERY quickly and hubbie still wasnt back. i was rushed to delivery suite as contractions sudenly came thick and fast. was examined and hadgone from 0cm to 7cm dilated in half an hour! image hubbie arrived back and i began to get used to the gasand air. towards the end i got very tired and babies heartbeat was slowing after each contraction so they wondered about various interventions but with a few BIG final pushes i did it all myself (hubbie was great though)! the peadiatrician checked him over and was pleased with his weight and lungs for an early baby and so he spent last night with me.

however he is too early to havea good sucking rflex so hada gatro-nasal tube fitted last night however he didnt manage to keep any food down so this morning he was transferred to special care. he hasnt faired much better through the day but after a few tweaks this evening they hope theyve got him settled. he is in the best place and we'll have to see what comes next.it's hard being on postnatal ward surrounded by babies and not having mine though!

i hope you are all doing well.
take care of you and your bumps


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