oh my god stretch marks already!!!!

It's official, i have got my first stretch mark with this pregnancy! I went from one extreme to the other when i was having my son, i hardly had a bump then woke up one day at 37 weeks and was massive, so only got stretch marks late on. This time i have already got a dark red mark going up my bump and im only 31+3 and expanding at a rapid rate lol My oh said i should be proud of my mummy marks (how cute) I'm dreading to think how many i will have by the time i give birth!


  • hey just chill...its taken me over 18 months but I'm trying not to think about it. I got stretchmarks at 37 weeks..then she came late.....thought they weren't very deep until I lost the weight.........god damn it..... its all good though...we've got beautiful lil bundles....plus thats what bridget jones pants are all about!!!! xxxx
  • I to got to 37wks in my last pregnancy without a single stretch mark and then BAM they all started springing up and by the time i gave birth i was absolutely covered in them. Dnt think i have to worry about it this time as my skin stretch out that much last time, this bump is having to grow into it, lol. Im seriously considering surgery to tighten up this lose skin coz no matter how much weigh i lost/lose im still gona have this wobbly bit. Kerry xxx

  • Im PARANOID about stretchmarks.

    Im 26+3 and havent got any yet but im quite petite and i just know theyre gonna be awful by the time bub arrives.

    I have SPD and will probably be induced at 37 weeks but got a funny feeling they'l rear their ugly heads long before then image xxxx
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