hi girls need some advice
for about a week i have had a lump in my armpit. its under theskin and feels like a pea. i thought it would turn into a spot or something and have even tried to encourage it to come up but nothing.its tender to touch aswell. im off to see mw tomo, should i see nurse? what could it be?
im 36+4
holly xx


  • I get the same thing hun. infact, i have one at the moment. it feels very tender and hurts when i move my arm about or if i touch it. it's nothing to worry about, they are just swollen glands. under your arms you have lots of small sweat glands which can become inflamed. i find they flare up after i shave. not always.... just every now and again! x
  • I would ask the mw or nurse. I have had something like that before but cant remember what it was called! It was a blocked duct and it went away on its own. I don't think its anything to worry about but deffo mention it. Let us know how it goes xxx
  • could be a cyst (blocked pore) or a swollen gland and more than likely your mw/nurse will advise you to see a doc just incase.
  • Its most likely a swollen sweat gland or a wee cyst but youre doing the right thing asking the nurse to take a look at it for you

    Hilary x
  • brilliant! thankyou very much guys, really appreciate all your responses

  • Ive got a couple of the same pea sized things in my right armpit. Went to the docs and they are cysts. When i was BF though my armpit swollen up and it was inflammed breast tissue.
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