Im Poorly Sick (But starting to feel better)

Hi Girls,
Im just looking for some sympathy today as i spent most of last night throwing up. Iv not bin sick like that in absolute ages and it scared the cramp out of me. It was that violent all the blood vessels in my face have come out and i look like some sort of alien. I have no idea wats caused it and last night i cudnt even keep water down (OH was set for taking me to hospital). Luckly iv not been sick today but im only managing half cups of weak tea and sips of water. I feel awful and keep getting cramps on and off in my tummy, i was dead scared that been sick like i was been might have kick started an early labour. Gona keep an eye on these cramps and see how i go, it might be that i end up getting in contact with a mw if i feel no better this evening. Thanks for listening ladies, just feeling really sorry for myself now. Kerry xxx

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  • U poor thing, that sounds absolutely horrible. Def call ur mw if u don't feel better. Hope ur feelin better soon.
  • i know what your going thru. iv just got over this but was off work wed and thurs. phoned maternity ward cos i was worried about lo but they said as long as i didnt have runs and could keep water down i should be fine. they said it sounded like a 48 hour bug and they were right. dont try and eat anything and drink nothing but water.

    hope you feel better soon

  • Oh poor you Kerry - hope you feel better soon
  • Hi Kerry, dosn't sound like you had a good night babes! Give your mw a call if you are at all worried as thats what they are there for, it could just be cramping from being so sick but better to get it checked than worrying! Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Tammi xxx

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  • my hubby was being sick all last night for 13 hours! it was coming out both ways for him though!! so i think a bug might be going around!! i hope he doesn't give it to me! he is ok 2day just eating dry stuff and water xx
  • Hope you feel better soon kerry, just when u think the winter stomach bugs are over! :roll: I'm sure your baby is fine but I would contact your mw just in case. xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon, nasty sickness! xxx
  • Awww, hope you feel better soon. Big hugs. Mwah xxxx

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  • my 14 week old and 3 year old have had it for 3 days how my hubby has got it the docs say its a sickness bug going round.. hope you feel better soon just try to get little sips of water x
  • Thanks girls. Iv had another sleep but lying down is becoming abit of a problem as baby must lie funny on my tummy and makes me feels sick agen, blah. Iv just stuck to water for now but mite try sum dry toast in abit as im feeling abit peckish now. Cramping still hasnt gon but defo think its my body trying to get rid of this masty bug. Hope all u girls and OH that are suffering as well feel better soon. Kerry xxx

  • I was sick twice yesterday at work and was sent home..... My hospital have the Norvo-virus (winter vomiting bug) 3 wards are closed and people are dropping like flies image

    I was then violently sick last night around midnight. Just keep an eye on yourself it's probably just a bug.... I know I haven't been sick for over a week now pregnancy wise :S

  • Morning ladies, just thought id check in and let u know im feeling alot beta today. The sicky feeling has almost gon and im just left feeling abit flu-y and groggy today. Hope all mums and bumps are okay and fighting fit to see off any more of these horrible bugs. Kerry xxx

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