Hi all

Just looking for some advice really

I have been feeling kicks / movements for about 3 weeks now but tonight i have been feeling what feel like really strong kicks but only in what feels like my lady bits (sorry)

Has anyone else had this??

23 + 1


  • Yes!! It feels totally bizarre like they are kicking their way out!! As far as I know, it's normal. Mine used to do it around your stage, but when I was about 25 weeks it stopped cos he turned head down and now I feel the little feet in my ribs hehe. I still feel the odd poke on my cervix, I assume it's a hand or his head! xxx
  • Thanks tiger lily

    Thanks god for that it felt really weird and quite annoying as i was eating my tea at the time!! or trying to.

    Most of the movements have been in my sides so far so this was a suprise
  • Hi! I've also had kicks that feel like this. It's very strange, but I'm sure its normal. My lo has now started kicking a nerve that goes into my leg and I keep havings uncontrolable spasms - very weird! XXX
  • Hey! Yes I too had this & it is very bizarre & not that comfortable lol.
    Definitely normal I would say & like Tiger Lily my LO moved to head down position so I feel the ribs getting a battering now!

    Lauren xo

  • Hi all
    I'm 23+3wks & i think mine's doing somersaults or star jumps, coz i feel kicks/punches in all directions!! Seems to be getting more active too and if you watch very carefully can sometimes see my tum move with a strong kick! Has been uncomfortable sometimes though!
    Sarah xx
  • id been havin these feelings too and was startin to worry it was unusual but my mind is now at rest. im glad im feelin baby move which gives some reassurance. xxx
  • you kno what i just taught to myslef how do i describe to j wat it feels like, and thaught about then i dislocated my knee and they clicked it back. OK THAT SOUNDS TOO MUCH> but kinds like that. my kicking if really low feels like its from vagina and like two muscles are tightening then releasing but then if baby moves up and does it feels like something rotating under my skin. even felt lo did a 360 degree last night after sex just felt like a bouncy ball went rolling across inside me. lol
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