fell over today

I fell over today, just came out of Oxford circus tube station and lost my balance and fell I landed on my left side on the wet pavement, a lovely man came to my rescue and helped me up, it really shook me up I felt sick all I kept thinking about was the baby, My hip is sore and my wrist I think I sprained it breaking the fall.
The baby did not kick for a couple of hours after but thankfully i am feeling loads of movement tonight, I am seriously a walking disaster zone at the moment, I seem to come over giddy and just topple anyone else have this?


  • I hope your feeling better now. I am only 12 weeks but i fell when i was about 8 weeks. Because of the nature of my job i had to tell work so there was big gasps and mild panic as they picked me up from the stairs. I was fine and dont know what caused it but i too am a walking diaster zone! so clumsy even clumsy is shaking its head in shame! LOL

    hope your wrist feels better and bubba keeps kicking away x
  • Hi I fell over at work last week, well I tripped up a couple steps. It was so embarassing but I landed on my kness which was ok but were a bit bruised lol. I kept worrying about baby but I felt him move lots later on, they're pretty well protected aren't they. I think my work mates were just as shook up as me though!
    Take care!

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