Diet Coke - silly question!


Just found out Im 5 weeks pregnant and so excited as its my first!! But I have a a question...

Im completly addicted to diet coke!!

I don't drink alcohol or smoke and eat pretty healthy even before i got pregnant but i have to have my diet coke! It use to be 3/4 cans a day but once i found out i was pregnant i stopped drinking it because of the caffine in it

Is it safe to drink Caffine free diet coke instead or is this bad as well???

Don't want to ask anyone because i feel a little silly but i really miss my diet coke!!

Im such a whinger!


  • If you don't have any other caffine apparently you can have up to 8 cans a day! But that means no chocolate/tea/coffee etc. I think a bit of caffine is fine, so don't worry!

    Amanda xx

    PS congratulations!!!!
  • I dont think the caffeine free stuff will do you any harm but it might be an idea to ask your doctor when you see them just to be on the safe side. In the meantime I cant see a couple of cans a day doing any harm

    Hilary x
  • I am a complete diet coke addict too, but I've switched to the caffine free as soon as I found out I was pregnant.x
  • Caffeine free diet coke isn't worth it in my opinion!! Its vile!

    I'm a diet coke addict and I have 2 cans a day, occasionally 3 but that just makes me wee more!!! i've read in several places that up to 8 cans a day is ok so long as you aren't drinking tea/coffee as well - which I don't so I figure my 2 cans is okay...especially as it really helps the heartburn sometimes
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