31 weeks and feeling ruff

is any1 else feeling ruff like tired and heavy and just basicly like shit to be honest. Ive got to the point where iv had enuff now every night i get heartburn and am completely exhausted i dont know what is the matter with me i wasnt like this a few weeks ago i just feel crap sicky and everything is any1else fed up and tired and am i normal to be like this? xxx


  • *Raises Hand* Oh hell yeah, feeling really rough myself tonight! feelin really fat, heavy, sick and my bowels are playing up too (soz TMI) wondering if i'm going into early labour if fact! *wishfulthinking* ugh and now my heart is racing please someone shoot me!!

  • Sorry to hear your feeling rough!! unfortunately when i reached 31 weeks i felt so rough it lasted a couple of weeks but i'm a bit better now i'm 35 weeks! i hope you feel a bit better soon ! your on the home straight now!! xxx
  • i no iv just had enuff now im not used to going this far i usually deliver now ana baby is alot smaller shes 4 pound now the boys were only 2 and her movements r grosseing me out they r so slow and slugish sicky and long her head is engaged aswell so that ent helping matters god just shoot me im am never doing this agen ever iv got no ankles either anymore i just feel like shit and feel like such a miserable cow and i dont mean to be i h8 every1 at the mo lol especially men they shud all be drowned at birth xx im sorry 4 whingeing but iv only got the cat to whinge at and she just squeeks at me lol xxxx
  • you sound like me honey!!! my oh is doing my head in ! was gonna smother him last night i'm not sleeping to well and he has to snore!!! baby's movements are uncomfortable but i do like feeling him wriggling about !! i think we are entitled to a good moan!! I'd love my oh to experience it just for a day any longer i'd kill him! xxlol
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